10 Essentials To Pack For Every Self-Driven Roadtrip

Traveling by road has become the next “It” to do these days. Be it a college student or a corporate employee, going for a road trip has become one of the best ways to relish a long weekend. And now that we can opt for a self-drive instead of a hailing a taxi, the fun quotient has doubled up. However, just like you would pack some necessary items for a safe trip, you would need to stow some essentials for a perfect road trip. Here’s your checklist:

1. Maps


Own Your Adventure

Regardless of the fact that your trip is an impromptu one or a well planned one, it’s always better to have your GPS device handy. You may enjoy the detour at any point when you know that you could always get back on the road. Also, maps are required to find out the nearest hotel/fuel station to stop at for all your restroom needs.

2. Travel Apps


The next best thing that you would need to support your app would be the travel apps that let you book a hotel room on the go or show you different places that you could visit on your trip. If these apps can store some of the information in an offline manner then do use them prior to the trip.

3. Music


Well, we all know that music brightens up every dull plan. So having multiple playlists catering to various genres will suit all the roads that you would encounter on your trip. Sing-alongs are one of the most favoured ways of enjoying any road trip.

4. Snacks


If you are going to sing or drive throughout the journey, you are bound to tire yourself. So make sure that you pack sufficient snacks and beverages before you start your trip. You never know when hunger could strike you, making you the cranky fella in the trip.

5. First Aid Kit


This is one kit that we have always learnt to pack in all of our trips. For a road trip, do pack medicines which cater to issues such as nausea or a headache. Along with this kit, box up a toiletries set which would include sanitizers and towels for any sudden pit stops.

6. Comfortable Clothing


Since you would be cooped up for longer periods of time inside a car, it is suggested that you wear comfortable clothing and pair them up with floaters or other such footwear. Whether you are the one driving or not, keep in mind that you may not get to halt quite often to in order to stretch yourself.

7. Power Bank


Even if your car has a multi charger in it, it is better to carry a power bank. It would be even better if the power bank could charge your laptop or multiple gadgets at the same time. Needless to say, get a power bank that comes with a flashlight so you are always secured.

8. Cash For Toll


Having a wad of small currencies is the best way to not get stuck at a toll. You could set aside a small box full of change just for tolls and other such minor stops that you would come across on your journey. Drop the toll bills in the same box to keep track of the cash.

9. Paper Products


Always have a separate bag just to store newspapers, tissues, wet napkins and other disposable goods. This way you are not only prepped up for the various needs you might face but you would also be environmental friendly.

10. Camera


Last but not the least ensure that you have some form of camera on you. We all love to capture the beauty of nature with our eyes, but a camera would always help in making those memories a reality.

We may have given you a checklist above for a great road trip, but what one essentially needs for an exceptional self-drive are some great buddies and a Zoomcar.