10 impressive XUV500 W6 features

Unlike other SUVs, Mahindra’s XUV500 has lots of unique features. It has many segment firsts and lots and lots of thought process that has gone behind designing this vehicle will be apparent if you spend a few days with it.

Dual XUV500

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Here’re a set of cool features in XUV500, which may not be obvious to external viewer

1 Angled corner lights-When you’re driving in the night and have to negotiate sharp turns, headlights point straight and there’s no visibility as to what’s there at the corner you’re turning into. This makes you slow down, let the front of the vehicle turn considerably so that light falls on the road ahead and then plan your next moves. Why not have a light that can illuminate the corner even before you turn? XUV500 has just that. If headlight is on (i.e. in darkness) if driver turns the steering to sharp left or right, an additional light glows in headlamp assembly. This lamp is angled at 45 degrees and will illuminate the corner driver intends to turn into. This provides instant visibility and helps in safe and convenient driving. This feature has been now incorporated in the new models of Scorpio as well. Btb these are officially called as Static bending headlights.

2 Conversation Mirror- a single mirror gives full visibility into the interiors of the car- all 8 seats at that. You can know if everyone have taken their seats or how many have raised their hand in response to your question, all without turning your head. Goo feature.

3. Unconventional design- all around the car, you can spot new thinking. AC vents, hand break, door knobs everything looks different from the same stuff in all other cars you’re used to.

4. Lots of charging points, speakers and AC vents. Every row gets its own charging points, speakers and AC vents, hence spreading the comfort all around and not just focused on first 2 passengers. This makes your passengers enjoy their journey, as much as you enjoy the drive. In other SUVs, last row passengers often feel left out, as they don’t get enough cooling, no charging points and probably side facing seats that aren’t very comfortable.

5  Lamp beneath the external rear view mirrors: When you have to get out of the car in dark- you may not know if there’s cow dung or a pit full of mud or something else on which you might step on. XUV500 has a small lamp on the rear view mirror pointing downwards- this can illuminate the area you will step into, right next to the door. Very thoughtful feature.


6. Microhybrid: Microhybrid feature stops engine if it is idle for a few seconds and starts it automatically when it gets a sense that driver is planning to move. Saves lots of fuel, particularly in city drive.

7. Loads of storage boxes. All over the car you’ll find multiple storage areas. Only challenge is, if you misplace something, you may go nuts searching for it

8. Ambient light- some cool red light in the overhead panel looks nice, but be warned that this is not mood lighting.

9. Cruise control; Give your legs some rest and let the car keep up the pace

10. Lumbar support for first row passengers.

Note that above are in the W6 variant that Zoomcar has in its fleet. Top spec W8 variant gets more goodies including alloy wheels, 4×4, hill descent control and more.


What I don’t like about XUV500 is its skyrack, which goesn’t have a gap like the one in Scorpio, so we can’t hold it properly. My black cat commandos will have to hold on to something else while they hang next to the car… Also a proper footrest doesn’t come standard, but can be added aftermarket. One last concern on XUV will be its luggage space if you have 8 people to ferry.

Zoom has good number of XUV500 on offer. It is an ideal vehicle to drive out in with large group of family and friends.

You may watch this short video below, showcasing a Zoomcar XUV500

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