19 Facts About Tata Nano

19 interesting facts about Tata Nano, which Zoomcar lets you rent for as low as Rs. 19/hour! 5fe657b3c92ecd88cdd82077e0b890ce_555X416_1












1. Only 3 bolts in the wheel: Most of the small cars have 4, but Nano gets only 3, which was deemed adequate for its size and power.

2. Non open-able boot: Fixed rear door helps save money otherwise required to be spent on open- close mechanisms, lock etc.

3. Fuel insert from within the bonnet: To fuel up, one needs to open front bonnet. Though this is little inconvenient, it helps save money (No need for a lid and locking mechanism and extra body work)

4. Single wiper: Nano gets a single wiper that sweeps entire screen

5. Dashboard at the center: Center mounted console makes it easier to export. Only steering wheel need to be moved left based on market or right while console can stay where it is

6. Power window buttons at the center: Top variants get power windows, but the buttons are housed in between front two seats- thus both passengers can access it with ease and saves need for extra buttons.

7. 180 mm ground clearance: Nano gets a very decent ground clearance of 180 mm, more than most of the small cars

8. Tata Nano Superdrive: In 2010, Tata Motors conducted a month long event called Tata Nano Superdrive, in which 3 teams of 3 Tata Nanos each covered length and breadth of the country, promoting the car and its capabilities.

9. Initial Nanos didn’t have any power steering, even in top LX variant. Current generation Nano twist gets an electric assisted steering.

10. In order to keep the cost absolutely low, Nano Standard had no AC, no power windows, no music system.

11. Nano Standard now discontinued: The cheapest variant of Nano, Nano standard, has now been discontinued as company is no longer positioning Nano as a ‘Cheap car’

12. A probable competitor to Nano- Bajaj’s RE60, hasn’t seen light of the day yet

13. Plastic with adhesives are used in various places instead of welding (which is expensive)

14. Nano Active is the next upgrade expected on nano with open-able boot and many other enhancements

15. Tata Nano entered Guinness book of world records in 2009 for the cheapest production car

16. Tata Nano is 8% smaller (bumper to Bumper) but has 21% larger space compared to Maruti 800

17. Nano means ‘small’ in Gujarati. The name Nano is also inspired from the concept of Nano technology

18. Tata Motors had applied for about 34 patents for various innovations in Nano

19. Initial owners of Tata Nano got much more attention on the streets than someone who would drive around in a Merc – such was world’s curiosity about the cheapest car.

This very interesting blog has been written by our long time customer and an avid blogger plus traveler Shrinidhi Hande.



3 thoughts on “19 Facts About Tata Nano

  • June 30, 2016 at 8:24 am

    I drive dis car, its suppof car

  • August 15, 2016 at 10:34 am

    I drove the nano genx from
    Chennai to Bangalore
    Bangalore to pavagad (200 km from Bangalore )
    Pavagad to Bangalore
    Bangalore to chennai
    Travelled in 2 days
    Awesome car


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