3 Life Situations Where a Self-Drive Zoomcar Will be a Boon

At the beginning of this year, no one had anticipated the current situation of the world to be the way it is now. Earlier, we could travel freely using public transportation, with metro and bus services being a support system for many commuters. However, now, the tables have turned, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travelling using such shared means is not a safe option at all. With the lockdown, the economy slowed down. But as gradually, the government is introducing some relaxations in the regulations, travelling will also resume.

Since there is no cure for Coronavirus yet in sight, all safety measures should be followed religiously. Therefore, when you travel, you should ensure that you are well-protected. One way to do that will be by shifting to personal mobility. 

Own Your Adventure

As times have changed, it will not be safe to commute using public transport. Since, not everyone owns a car, we at Zoomcar, provide self-drive car rentals to offer personal mobility services in such a scenario. During With our one-day rental services or the monthly car rental facility, you will be able to travel safely, away from the crowds.

Here are some situations where personal mobility proves to be the ideal choice as a mode of transportation:

Emergency Visits 

If you are required to visit the hospital for emergencies, you can rent a self-drive car from Zoomcar. Since making use of public transport such as buses, shared cabs can be risky; you must avoid them and ensure safe travel.

Different situations can arise at any time, for instance, your child might get hurt, or your pregnant wife needs to be rushed to the hospital, or you may need to travel back to your hometown to meet your elderly parents. 

In all such scenarios, opting for the self-drive one-day rental car will ensure that you can commute timely and safely. Our cars reach you within 30 minutes and are well-sanitized to minimize the risk of transmission. 

Travelling to Office 

While previously, you may have car-pooled to office as a responsible citizen trying to do your bit for the environment. However, now you should not make use of shared mobility. As the virus tends to spread faster through touch, you should avoid travelling with people. It is imperative to follow social distancing for protecting yourself and others around you. Now, whenever you need to reach office, you can avail of our car rental facility, to commute privately and safely. You may even take self-drive car subscription for monthly or yearly basis to secure all your travel plans in these chaotic times. 

Pick Up Family Member from a Different City

So far, travelling from one city to another was not much of a hassle. You could make use of airlines or trains to reach the other destination. In these extraordinary times, it is essential to make use of all preventive measures. You must keep away from modes of transportation which involve interaction with many people. In the event of say, dropping your pregnant wife to your in-law’s place, or your friend to his relative’s place, you can utilize the intercity car rental services. Such a commuting option will ensure that you never compromise on safety while travelling.

One of our valued customers, Mr Abin, rented a car from us and is extremely happy with the service. He thanked us for helping him drop his wife to her hometown with no difficulty.

Benefits of Subscribing a Self -Drive Car

Buying a car may or may not be feasible for you during this phase. However, one of the best ways to have a personal vehicle at one’s disposal for an extended period is by subscribing to a self-drive rental car. A yearly or half-yearly car subscription will be beneficial for you as without even owning a car, you will be able to travel anywhere securely.

It will be more affordable, and you will be able to follow the social distancing norms more efficiently. We, at Zoomcar, offer you thoroughly sanitized cars, which are also insured to keep you protected against all kinds of risks. 

If you own a car, you also need to bear the maintenance and repair costs. But, when you hire a Zoomcar on subscription, all these costs get covered. You do not even need to pay any down-payment at the time of making the booking. 

Shield Yourself with Self-Drive Cars

As it is better to be safe than sorry, you should opt for self-drive cars. The advantage of a self- drive car is that it ensures utmost safety when you travel. Select the most viable personal mobility option and move securely.

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