4 Reasons for booking your Zoomcar during the Biggest Self Drive Carnival!

The Zoomcar Self Drive Carnival is set to rouse all the city dwellers and send them on trips this November! Bringing a flat 50% off sale, the biggest discount in the self-drive industry is here. Get ready to book your drive and gift yourself a much deserved post-Dussehra break.

Everyone admits, the post-holiday season comes with its own unique hangover. After gorging on the Diwali sweets and Durga Puja feast, fitting into work clothes and trudging along to work seems like an unsurmountable task. Traffic, steady stream of relatives and guests in your house, noisy firecrackers bursting through the night; you have survived it all! This is probably why the best cure for a post-holiday fatigue is a relaxed weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Own Your Adventure

Picture a quiet weekend by the beach with your pets, jogging along the shore while plugged into your favourite playlist. Or perhaps unwinding to you is a trek in the cool woods with your friends. What is certain is that as you take that long drive away from the city, you get a chance to soak in the sun, breathe in that fresh air and calm your nerves.

If you have been hesitant to make plans to your favourite getaway spot because of transportation woes, Zoomcar has an offer that has you covered. With an exclusive drive-out sale from 31st Oct until 1st Nov 2017, anyone wishing to book a rental, can now do so with ease.

The knee-jerk reaction to any travel plan is usually met with a strong dose of procrastination. Even when you decide you want to rent a car and drive away to cozy up by the hills, the actual booking is put off, right until the end. The go-to responses vary from ‘Eh, let’s see, I’ll book it in a few days’, to ‘Well we’re only leaving in two weeks, so why book now?’ So instead of a mundane ‘stitch in time’ proverb, here are four solid reasons why you should make your Zoomcar booking immediately, and take that holiday plan to fruition!

  • With a sale this massive, it pays to take the initiative. Offering FLAT 50% discounts on trips between 1st to 30th Nov 2017, this is one of the biggest ever self-drive offers. Timely booking is the best way to be kind to your pocket and save a great deal.
  • Zoomcar simplifies travel. Having pickup sites across the city, you have the option of picking up your booked car from a site closest to you. With hordes of people in your city trying to secure a car for their getaway with this offer, even if your chosen car is available in the same city, you may have to travel across town, if the car is not available in your chosen site. With another likelihood of all the desired cars getting booked in your city, do you really want to snooze and lose?
  • This great offer is solely available over a two-day period. If a lapse in memory causes you to lose out on this, you just might be annoyed with yourself for a long, long time.
  • With your car booking sorted, you can plan your itinerary with ease (music, food, lodging and company!). That exciting journey away to a scenic locale ought to be footloose and fret-free.

Travel is an experience that breaks routine, strengthens relationships and creates lasting memories. Every opportunity to travel is invaluable and ought to be seized. Booking your car cements that travel plan, giving you and your friends enough time to anticipate the sheer joy of the adventure ahead. If that tendency to put this off does pop up, just go back to picturizing yourself getting a slice of de-stressing and fun. There truly is no reason to miss out on some time for yourself.

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