5 Commandments

5 Commandments of Zoomcar Host Program

On zoomcar host program there are five basic things that you should always remember if you want to earn well and be successful.

1. Always serve the bookings assigned 

Sometimes  it can happen that you’re not able to serve booking – maybe because you forgot a booking was coming or you need the car during the booking time. But never let anything come in between serving the booking because the guest is depending upon you car for their plans. Nothing is worse than finding that the car you booked to travel to your favorite holiday destination isn’t available at the last moment. Never do this.

2. Keep the car at the parking location 

When guests often come to pick up the car from your location, its a new place for them. If your car is placed at a different location, there is no way for them to figure out the car. We want the guest to avoid calling us or you and it may be that you’re busy or not available when the guest picks up the car – so to ensure peace for yourself and the guest, park it at the correct location.

3. Always provide full tank of fuel

Our policy is to have a full tank to full tank policy. This means that you leave car at full tank when the guest picks up the car and the guest leaves the car at full tank when they drop the car. This simplifies everything.

Also, guests often start their journey from picking your car and they are often heading out to some place, filling up the fuel tank isnt something that is very convenient to them in this situation. So a full tank is more convenient.

4. Keep the car clean

An unclean car is the last thing you want when you’re starting your journey. Sanitized, clean car is now a must have.

5. Keep the car in good driving condition

A car in bad driving condition is the most difficult thing to handle for a guest starting out on your car. A car thats not functioning well can even breakdown or lead to an accident. This is the most important thing that you should ensure.