5 Hacks to Drive Efficiently and Tame the Tank!

This holiday season as you drive away to your new year destination, ensure you come back in 2018 being more of an economy driver. Our Tame the Tank campaign has gone live across cities in India and this time around we bring you some handy tips to maximize your car’s fuel efficiency. Improve your mileage with these easy hacks and you could be topping the Tame the Tank leader board.

  1. Avoid idling

Turn off the car at red signals and when waiting up. We’re pretty sure you’re aware of this hack however, it’s a matter of practice. Idling your car consumes a lot of fuel, so don’t idle for over a minute. Effectively warm your car’s engine by avoiding revving it. Engines will warm up much quicker if you simply start it, wait for 20 seconds to build the oil pressure, and then drive away. An added advantage is that you could reduce strain on the environment too. Yes, this will help cut out unnecessary CO2 emissions.

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  1. Be a smooth operator

Treat the car’s controls (accelerator and brake) smoothly to spike your car’s performance. Braking wastes energy from fuel, while accelerating after braking consumes more fuel than driving at a constant speed.  Try ‘short shifting’, or shifting to higher gears by skipping intermediate gears once you reach your desired speed. Throttle moderately and avoid heavy braking to reduce fuel consumption and diminish wear and tear.

  1. Don’t drop the pressure 

Your tire condition significantly impacts your car’s fuel economy. Deflated tires increase rolling resistance. It not only dodges your fuel efficiency, but also puts the driver at risk of overheating and tire-related auto accident. Set the tire to the correct inflation level to enjoy the fruits of driving performance.

  1. Lighten the load

Weight plays a crucial role in stop-and-go driving (read city driving), while in highway driving it matters little. No, we’re not asking you to do away with your luggage. Instead keep unnecessary and excess weight out of your car to improve fuel efficiency. This logic is simple – it takes less energy from the engine to move the car when it is lighter.

  1. Roll Up-Roll Down, that’s how you Zoom on

When in stop-and-go city driving, you can avoid the AC as it causes the engine to work hard and consumes more fuel. However, for highway driving you can get a better mileage with the AC on and the windows rolled up. The reason being the strain caused by rolled down windows at high speed reduces fuel efficiency.

Bonus tip! Avoid speeding

Yes, we’re feeling generous and want to give you an extra hack. Avoid speeding as it reduces fuel efficiency by up to 33 percent. Drive within the speed limit to keep your fuel mileage higher.

So, are you confident that you can tame it? The challenge is all yours!

Tame The Tank is live across all cities and on the following car-types:

Ford Figo Hyundai i20 Mahindra Scorpio
Maruti Swift Honda Jazz Ford Ecosport
Mahindra KUV100 Ford Aspire Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Grand i10 Honda City Mahindra XUV
Maruti Baleno Maruti Ciaz AT

#TameTheTank campaign details:

  • Timelines – 23rdDecember – 14th January’2018
  • Every user who matches the mileage during the trip gets 200 Driving credits
  • 14 Weekly Winners – one each for each car type will win driving credits worth 2000 each
  • 3 Grand winners will get 20000, 15000, 10000 driving credits = 45000 driving credits
  • Assured driving credits for everyone who matches the mileage

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