Guest Blogger: 5 Reasons Why You Should Book Self-drive Car this Festive Season

It’s time for another guest post by long-time Zoomcar member Shrinidhi Hande.  Thanks once again to Shrinidhi for helping us build up this community! Check out his blog at


Own Your Adventure

Festive season is around the corner and long leaves and travel plans are being firmed up. Below are some reasons why you should try self-drive, instead of traditional travel modes.


  1. Insane bus fares: Bus operators create artificial scarcity and increase ticket fares many fold during festive seasons. Assume a one way ticket to your home town used to cost Rs 500 under normal times, same journey will could cost as much as Rs 1500 during peak demand. Assuming two of you are traveling, a round trip that would have costed Rs 2000 earlier now demands Rs 5000. At that price, you can rent a Ford Figo from Zoom for 2 days (weekend) /3 days (week days). (Of course there’re other cars to suit your taste and needs). You can carry upto 5 people, travel at your own convenient time & route and save extra money otherwise had to be spent on local travel (auto, taxi etc). Now isn’t that a smart way to travel?
  2. Overworked drivers: Regular taxi drivers, bus drivers tend to do extra shifts during festive season, in an attempt to make more money. This means less rest for them and in turn, increased chances of accidents on the road. You’re better off driving yourself.
  3. Don’t even think about trains: Train tickets for all key destinations and dates are already sold out. You should be lucky if you can get a wailisted ticket. Tatkal can be booked only 24 hours in advance, if at all you manage to book one, this means lots of uncertainty on your plans.
  4. Flexibility: Bus & train bookings need you to specify exact passenger names, stay fixed on specific destination with particular date and timing. Cancellation or modification can cost you dearly. If you’re not sure who exactly will be joining for the trip, or where exactly to visit or when exactly you can start the trip, self-drive is great option as it gives great flexibility to alter your plans on the go.
  5. Beat the traffic: With a self-drive car, you can save time and beat traffic in following ways:
  • Most of the buses leave city between 6 pm to 11 pm, during which all roads will be packed and jammed. By renting a self-drive car, you can plan your trip such that you can leave at say midnight or 4 am when traffic will be much less, saving you precious hours overall.
  • Also, you can take roads less travelled, for example, most of the buses to Mysore take Mysore road. You can take Kanakapura road or road via Kunigal to beat the traffic.
  • Avoid city centre and directly hit the highway by taking a bus or train implies traveling to heart of the city. You can easily spend 50 % of your journey time reaching the bus stand/railway station and while the bus tries to reach the highway! With a car, you can take a ring road etc and reach highway directly.DSC_0587

The cars are being taken fast. Book yours now and enjoy the pleasures of a self-driven vacation with Zoom!

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