5 things to get more bookings?

So how to get more bookings? Here are 5 things that you should do

  1. List, List, List: There is nothing more important than listing as much as possible. Listing often ad listing longer is first step to get more bookings. Learn more about creating a listing here: Listing Creation
  2. Always list for longer duration: List for atleast 15 days. This allows you to get longer duration booking. Longer duration bookings not only get you a booking but also help you make more money
  3. Always maintain a high rating: Our guests trust cars with high rating more. They will always book a car with higher rating more often than one with lower rating
  4. Add the real images of your car: Adding the real images of your car ensures that the Guests find your car more appealing and the trust factor goes up. This helps reduce the anxiety that the Guest might have, which will get you more bookings. Wondering how to go about this? Click here to download the Host Studio app and upload your car’s images. Need more info? Click here to read the steps in detail.
  5. Always list on Weekends & Holidays: We get a lot more bookings on weekends and holidays, so make sure you’re listing on weekends & holidays.