8 Fascinating Wildlife Bird Sanctuaries To Visit Near Pune

Wildlife is no more the must visit places only for the explorers or nature enthusiasts. If your last few holidays were to the hills, beach or a hill station, visiting a wildlife sanctuary will be an ‘amazingly’ refreshing experience. Exploring the beauty of wildlife sanctuaries has its own appeal, where you can watch activities of winged beauties during the day and of nocturnal creatures once the sun goes down. Choose your destination now, pack your binoculars, carry your sun protection gears and get zooming to the jungle.  Here are 8 spectacular wildlife destinations that we suggest you can visit near Pune:


Are you fed up of the urban chaos?  Would you like a short break? How about a place where nature is at its best, you can watch beasts or other beings of the jungles living in their natural habitats and have a speculating experience All that you have to do is visit Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Located 122 km from Pune.Its is a perfect destination for bird watcher and hikers.The sanctuary is also famous for the 11th century Karnala Fort. Nestled in the Sahyadri hills, Karnala is a beautiful picnic spot.

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Popular for its birds and wildlife population mayureshwar also offers stunning landscapes and natural beauty.It is located approx 70 km from pune.Home to various birds species like Indian roller, laughing dove etc, is also a refuge for Indian gazelle (Chinkara), Indian Fox. This is one of the very few Sanctuaries where you can drive your own vehicles.So GO GET GOING!!




Home to Giant Indian Squirrel Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary is located in Ambegaon and Khed talukas of Pune District, 130 km from pune bhimashankar has lot to offer. A pristine natural environment with hills, waterfalls and forests with a wildlife sanctuary and a temple forms an ideal setting for an avid indian traveller.So what  are you  waiting for pack your bags and GO EXPLORE IT!!





Koyna wildlife sanctuary is located in satara district.It is approx. 158 km from pune.Sanctuary is nested in western ghats.Sanctuary has shivasagar lake on one side and the slopes of western ghats on other side.The sanctuary is home to various indian species. Bengal tiger, Indian leaopards are the big ones residing in the sanctuary.




The Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Murud and Roha talukas of Raigad District at a distance of 172 km From Pune. It is surrounded by the coastal stretch of Arabian sea.The habitat offers very rich and peaceful atmosphere for the visitors. The wild animals found in this sanctuary are Panther, Sambhar, Wild boar, Barking deer, Hyena etc.





Bhigwan” also know as mini Bharatpur  is a  small dusty town on the border of Pune and Solapur district in Central Maharashtra, in India famous for its bird sanctuary. It is located on the Pune-Solapur Highway around 105 km from Pune on the backwaters of Ujani dam. At Bhigvan, one can see Ducks, Herons, Egrets, Raptors and Waders along with flocks of hundreds of flamingos. These birds can be seen in the winter season between December and March.





Any wildlife sanctuary, you assume, has to be a landscape of natural flora. But there is a sanctuary in Sangli district which is artificial in the sense that it has been man-made.Its is located at a distance of 220 km from pune. It  has a wide variety of fauna, including antelope, hyena, wolf, fox, rabbit, wild cat, etc. You will also come across peacocks in huge numbers.The best time of the year to visit the sanctuary is august to february.One can hike to the top of the hill in the sanctuary to get a fascinating view of the Krishna River flowing through fields of sugarcane.





Walking along a pathway in a dense forest while anticipating the sighting of wild animals in their natural habitat or absorbing the fantastic range of colours that the area has to offer, Located at a distance of 309 km pune Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary in Kolhapur district offers you the same. The sanctuary is also a favourite with trekkers.



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