It’s that time of the year, and most of us are bound by either social norms or by our better halves to be as romantic as possible. And nowadays, cards or just a box of candies doesn’t make the cut. One ought to run wild with ideas and come up with the one that will not only show the love they have but also be better than the last year’s gift. So here are some of the non-cheesy and sort of unique Valentine’s day gift ideas you could build on:

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Even though women have been the recipient of gifts on this day, it’s getting harder every year to come up with a gesture that will make her shed that tear of joy and embrace you with all the love. Some cool ideas we found were:

Secluded Candle Night Dinner


It maybe your home or a resort or even a deserted corner of the beach, but a secluded spot always wins her heart. She not only feels comfortable but also loosens up to the idea that o amount of worldly problems will come in the way of a loving time with you.

Creative DIY

play the guitar

From preparing her favourite breakfast from scratch to playing a song dedicated to her, a creative gesture always comes with that special awe effect at the end. Even if screw up the breakfast or sing in a rough manner, she would love you for the effort taken.

Special Events


We don’t mean loud concerts or crowded joints, but a nice stand-up comedy or theatre play would do the trick. Being there with her in her choice of entertainment shows her how much you remember the tiny things she enjoys.

Coupon Book

breakfast bed

Now this could be your getaway if you play your cards right. In a fine jewellery box, put a yearly coupon booklet which has you listing out various household chores that you would do whenever she asks. So you could celebrate this valentine’s day for an entire year.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Why should guys always gift on valentine’s day. They deserve a special way too. And surprisingly it’s not that difficult to find a gift that he would not only love but also cherish for a long time. Some cool ideas we found were:

Men’s grooming set

A lot has changed in terms of styling for men and a grooming kit is the best way to display your support in all the crazy trends he opts for. Especially if loves his beard a lot, this gift would be an ultimate gesture that a girl could make to show that she loves it too.

Pocket Boom Box


Nothing speaks better than a boom box. Actually louder than a boom box. Whether they are gaming or just playing some random music, a portable boom box is always desirable. Just make sure that they don’t produce a screeching noise.



Well, it need not be a Playstation but it should be a good gaming box. One, wherein the colour red doesn’t just resemble love but also bloodbath of all the opponents in a highly simulated battle zone.

Art Print


This is where you not only get creative but also get to pen down your honest feelings. It could be on a t-shirt or a mug or even a piece on the wall, but the words that you put will make him realise that he is your true love.

So whether you plan to spend time at home or drive out to an exotic location, just remember that it’s all about celebrating love. All you need to do is “Be there”.