9 Places In India You Must Visit While You Are Still a Bachelor

The World is a book, and those who don’t travel read only a page out of it.

Being a bachelor, this is the best phase of life to travel and make memories galore, so that these memories can tell a beautiful story, someday in the future.To make your memories even more amazing, we have picked the best places you can visit in India while you are still a bachelor. Pack your bags, drag your friends and get zoomed out into a whole new world out there.

Own Your Adventure

1. Leh – A Trip on Two Wheels

Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul….

Probably included in every “things to do” list out there, a bike trip to Leh with your gang is a must have for your bucket list! Never ending stretches of amazing roads, surrounded by beautiful mountains are sure to test you, scare you, shock you and leave you spell bound. Gather your friends, pull out your bikes and head straight to Leh for the ultimate thirst quencher of your adventurous side.


2. Rishikesh – Bungee Jumping

And then, I jumped…

Sometimes, all you need is a rope tied to your ankle, and light push from a friend standing beside you, to experience the ‘jump of a lifetime.’ One of the most thrilling experiences ever, bungee jumping in Rishikesh is something that you cannot afford to miss. Zoom your friends out for an exciting adventure in the Gateway of the Himalayas.


3. Bangalore – Microlight flying

And I fly high!

It is time to stop putting your phone in airplane mode, and get some real flying experience! Fulfil your childhood dream of flying a plane, beyond the clouds, in this beautiful city of South India. The various flying clubs located at Jakkur Air Base in New Airport Road, Bangalore, make sure that ‘Microlight’ – the two seater aircraft, is all yours for at least an hour.


4. Manali – Heli Skiing

This is so cool!

Nothing compares to the fun of rushing down the various twists and turns of a steep snowy mountain! The next best thing to having wings, skiing is the most wonderful ice sports ever. And what better place to ski than in Himachal? Add to this the thrill of riding a chopper to the top of the mountain to access untouched parts of powder snow. You and your friends are sure to have a hell of a time.


5. Mysore – Sky Diving

And I rule the world….wooahhh!

Anybody can fly a plane, but it takes some real guts to jump out of one. Sky diving is one of the scariest adventures you can ever take part in, and Mysore is the best place to do it. Know what it is like to hear your heartbeat 7000 feet above the ground, before tumbling out of the plane,to fall at almost 100 miles per hour. An experience you can never forget!


6. Bhangarh – Ghost town of India

And I was on the verge of pee…. in my pants!!

During the day, most of us don’t believe in ghosts. At night, we tend to become a little open-minded. Known for its numerous elements of paranormal activity, a place where it is forbidden to venture into after darkness, Bhangarh fort in Rajasthan is a must visit for everybody. The sheer mystery and restlessness that surrounds makes this place even more bloodcurdling. Located at 100kms from Jaipur, this is a perfect place to zoom out for a ghostly experience.

7. Tarkarli – Maharashtra

Keep calm and just chill!

Life is good when you go out with the setting sun, on an empty beach, and the waves touching your feet gently. This unknown paradise in Maharashtra is the best place for the beachaholics out there. All you need is a zoom ride down the beach, for a soulful evening, followed by a stunning night of stargazing to take you away from the hassle of your busy life.


8. Bhandardar – Maharashtra

Water Water everywhere!

This beautiful paradise nestled between the western ghats and the shores of River Pravara is a place where nature is at its best. What makes this place more special is its view of stunning waterfalls and cascades at every 5-minute ride. The beautiful nature is sure to bring out your creative side, and it is not surprising if you zoom out of Bhandara as a poet, describing the beauty of mother Earth.


9. Andaman and Nicobar – Scuba Diving

Memories are worth a thousand words, and the Underwater ones are at least worth a million…

There is nothing more beautiful than the crystal clear sea, white sand as far as you can see, and the amazing feeling of getting to know a completely different world, up close. Scuba Diving is an experience which leaves you just wanting for more. Set out with your friends to this amazing island and explore a massive world called Sea, and the beauty it holds. You are bound to come back enchanted.


So, before you get married Zoom down to experience most of these adventurous, unexplored, serene and fun-filled places in India.

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