A Reminder that your day has 24 hours! #LiveAfter5

As you pass through life you realise how important time is, how fleeting it is and how necessary it is to spend it doing things that provide to fulfilling your major responsibilities in life. Though these responsibilities may differ from person to person, there is one more aspect we need to cater to that we tend to miss out on; ourselves. Now you may spend 8-10 hours a day at work and it may leave you burnt out, but that time between checking out from work and hitting the bed is yours! You are the one in absolute control and its you who decides what to with it.

While it may be easy for you to just get home and watch Netflix, there’s so much, so much more you could do. Let us help you get started with a few –

Own Your Adventure

Ditch the route and stray away to new roads.

Let the love of the wheels guide you, and take you through an undiscovered path. What you could end up discovering is beyond predictable. A lovely little street vendor selling the best pakodas, a group of young kids playing cricket, or just some peaceful serene time. There’s so much to learn from observing people and when you’re only using the power in your daily environment you’re only half exploring it.

Take the family out for a drive

While everything you do, may be to provide for their life necessities, they also need to spend some quality time with you. Surprise them with a long drive plan after work today. Take them out, play the music they love and have dinner together. The happiness would be leaps more than even watching the finale of the much loved series.

Visit that friend you’ve not seen in a while

We all know the drill of planning to meet them over text every week and then letting work and life get in the way from that time you both deserve. So today, drive up to them and make it finally happen. You owe it to yourself to spend some self-indulging time with those you love and those who love you. In case you’re confused on what you could do, make sure you read our blog on Movies that you could watch with your friends (hyperlink)

Go out on a date with your partner

Love need not be limited to the weekends. Ask them out for dinner or a movie they’ve been wanting to watch. Take them shopping or just drive them to that peaceful place you discovered and rediscover it with them. Shower them with all the attention and love they deserve from you.

Hit the gym or start a physical activity

If you really want to give yourself back, you may want to start doing something for your physical health. Today’s sedentary lifestyle makes it really difficult for you to have a fit body. Now this may require you stretching your usual limits a little, it will be worth every bit! Join a gym or fitness centre or simply start playing that sport you love again. (No, we do not mean PUBG)

Well, these are just some basics to get you started. We’d love to be a part of making your life better at every step. For the ease of travel and to make your weekday plans hassle free with Zoom Commute. Your car for 5 work days of the week. No local transport or cab struggle.

Have the car and use it as per your convenience for 5 days a week starting at just ₹560/day.

Travel to and fro from work, but don’t do just that. Do a lot more. #LiveAfter5


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