A Foodie Self Drive – From Delhi To Amritsar!

Delhi to Amritsar Self Drive Cars

It’s not always about the destination, sometimes it’s about the journey. Indeed, a lot can happen over the journey creating long lasting memories that we hold dear to us. And most of the best memories always have the element of food in it. Be it a short drive to the nearest resort or a long weekend getaway trip, we love to snack up as often as possible. Especially if we are able to spot some lip-smacking local delights on our trip, our jaunt feels even more satisfactory. One such foodie drive we can think of is the NH1 which connects Delhi to Amritsar. Covering a distance of about 456 km and running through three states, NH 1 is not only of the longest highways in the country but also a well-laid road to drive on. But the biggest takeaway of this road is the mouthwatering Dhaba food.

Delhi To Amritsar Self Drive
Even though originally dhabas catered to the truckers who drive through the night, over the years these haunts have redesigned themselves to serve other travelers as well. The places have gone from being a basic eat out, to a swanky must try location. Regardless of the changes, the food and the service still carries the aura of authenticity making these restaurants a destination in themselves. So foodies, here is your road map for this delicious northern food hunt:

Own Your Adventure

1st Stop: Murthal

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba NH1
Located about 60 odd kms away from Delhi, the first stop on your insatiable journey along NH 1 would be a small village known as Murthal. This place is lined up with dhabas to serve the delightfully famous “Murthal Ke Parathe”. What make these paranthas popular and yummy, is the tandoor style cooking and dollops of white butter. If you aren’t sure of the white butter, you could ask for some Amul butter instead. However, if you are looking for the best among these outlets, then head straight to Sukhdev Dhaba. They provide you the best of both worlds- great food in a salubrious ambiance. Do have some lassi before getting back on the road.

2nd stop: Karnala

Haveli Resort, Karnal
Your next grub-hub Karnal is about 75 kms away from Murthal. You could always take a small detour on your trip to take a trip down the history lane and visit the battleground of Panipat.  And if the sightseeing makes you hungry, just step on the horsepower to savour on some more finger-licking food. Built like a traditional townhouse, Haveli is a themed restaurant which tries to showcase all of what Punjab has to offer under a single roof. This is the place where you are bound to say “Burrah” after a hearty meal. However, if all you are looking for is some melt in the mouth butter chicken, then Mayur dhaba is your go to outlet.

3rd stop: Ambala

Puran Singh Ka vishal dhabaaa
After travelling for another 75 odd kms, you would have finally crossed the state border and reached the first stop for a hearty meal in Punjab. Don’t be taken aback by the sheer number of Puran Singh dhabas waiting to serve you. They may be great but they are definitely not as supreme in taste as the Puran Singh ka Mashoor Vishal Dhaba. Their signature dishes such as mutton curry, keema kaleji and chicken curry will give you the ultimate foodgasm. There is no crossing Ambala without eating here.

4th stop: Ludhiana

Zimidari Dal Makhani
This part of the drive might seem as a bit of a stretch to all the gluttons, but being patient through the drive would result in a promising meal. Zimidhara Dhaba at Ludhiana believes in the authentic Dhaba style and will have the server rendering the menu to you in a verbal way. You get to try the age old recipes like daal makhani and kadhai paneer cooked to perfection out here. And since these specials are heavy on the spice, you can gulp down the jug of buttermilk that they serve you.

Final stop: Jalandhar

Lucky Dhaba
Before you reach Amritsar, which is the last stop on the highway, we recommend that you drop by at the Lucky Dhaba located at Jalandhar. This place has been up and running since 1967 serving the travelers a wholesome vegetarian meal. Their quality of food is what makes them stay on top of the competition till date.

So if you love a long drive filled with some sinfully good delicacies, then you must visit the Delhi-Amritsar route in 2016!