If you’re in the bustling city of Kolkata and have run out of weekend plans, then we could be of some help to you. Maithon could be your next choice for a perfect weekend getaway. This is a popular town known its waterfront and heritage. Maithon, located in the Jharkhand-West Bengal border, is a beautiful place for adventurers as well as for those seeking a calm holiday. This town has a lovely water reservoir and is the ideal place to relax amidst nature and the hillocks.

Maithon Dam

Maithon is well-known for its Maithon Dam, constructed on the Barakar River. The dam is located 48 km from Dhanbad and is 4,789 m long and 50 m high. It was designed for flood control and generates 60,000 kW of electric power. It also houses an underground power station, the first of its kind in the whole of South East Asia. Food lovers will particularly enjoy this spot. On the Jharkhand end of the dam you will find myriad varieties of local food including golgappa, chana-bhatura, dhokla and more. While on the Bengal end, you could enjoy paneer pakoras and chicken pakoras.

Another famous attraction at Maithon is the 500 years old Kalyaneswari Temple. The temple is located on the banks of Barakar River, about 5 kilometres downstream from Maithon Dam. It is a centre of Shakti worship. As per legend, Goddess Parvathi’s body parts fell in different parts of the world by Lord Vishnu’s Chakra. It is also believed that human sacrifices were offered at this temple and that Goddess Kalyaneshwari fulfils the wishes of childless women.

Boating at Maithon

You can also the visit the Begunia Temple Complex. Apart from these places of heritage, you must also visit the Maithon Lake, a popular sightseeing attraction. Indulge in activities including boating and fishing. You will be enthralled by the rowing boats and the speed-boats here. Then head towards the deer park and the bird sanctuary. Another mesmerizing place to visit is the Topchanchi Lake, an artificial lake set against the backdrop of green hills. You are sure to be spell-bound by its beauty.

How to get to Maithon from Kolkata?

The best way to get to Maithon from Kolkata is to take a road trip. The distance from Kolkata is 235 km, which makes for a 4-and-a-half-hour drive. Take the Kolkata – Bardhaman – Durgapur – Asansol – Maithon route through the NH 19. The Panagarh stretch now has a bypass, you can therefore avoid traffic congestion.

Road trips are the perfect stressbusters and taking a self-drive car of your choice gives you the opportunity to enjoy the drive with your family and friends. Make pitstops (read chai breaks) and drive at your convenience and leisure. You could opt for a hatchback or an SUV for this drive.

Best time to visit: December to February or July to August

It is said that to travel is to live. So, don’t wait up! Pack your bags, and head to this lovely town! Book your Zoomcar below.

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