Benefits of Renting A Self Drive Car in Pune

Self drive cars in Pune is a novel concept that is fast catching on with the young and happening. Extremely common in the developed world, the self drive car concept has been a bit late in coming to India, but we can all thank our gods that it is finally here. Self drive cars have a number of advantages, both compared to driving your own car or hiring a cab. Some of the main benefits of renting a self drive car in Pune are:

1) You Actually Get To Know Pune: Pune is one of the richest cities in India when it comes to recreational options. It offers everything ranging from nature treks and wildlife sanctuaries to amusement parks and adventure sports. While it can get tough getting a taxi for exploring a wildlife sanctuary or heading out to the hottest music festival in town, you can easily hire a self drive car in Pune and head out to whatever takes your fancy. If you are a non native living in Pune, simply because you work or study here, then make sure that you squeeze every little bit of Pune into your life before you shift out and regret not enjoying one of India’s most happening cities.

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2) You Have A Large Variety Of Cars To Choose From: Not everybody can boast having a garage with cars that cater for every need and every occasion. However, by going for a self drive rental in Pune, you get the option of selecting a set of wheels that suits your needs and requirements for a particular occasion. If it is a special date, you can hire a luxury car like a Merc; taking to the road with friends, hire a Scorpio or an Ecosport. Run errands or go shopping in a Ford Figo and pick your parents up from the airport in a Honda City. No matter what your need is you will find a self drive car in Pune from Zoomcar’s stable.

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3) You Are Better Placed Than A Car Owner: When you choose to rent a self drive car in Pune, you actually put yourself at an advantage vis-a-vis people who actually own cars. Apart from the fact that you do not have any exorbitant insurance and EMIs to pay out, you are also free from the hassle of maintenance and parking. With a self drive car in Pune, you have the convenience of having a vehicle at your disposal as and when you want it, for whatever time you want it. So you get all the pros of owning a car without having to deal with any of the cons. Also, renting a self drive car in Pune even on a regular basis is far cheaper than owning a car.

Whether you own a car or not, and no matter what you need a set of wheels for, Pune’s pioneering self drive car rental Zoomcar has a car that is totally apt for you and your needs. Rent a Ford Figo or a Honda Amaze for city driving; go in a Honda City for a business meeting. Choose to impress your special someone in a Mercedes A Class. And take to the road with friends or family with an SUV like the Ecosport, XUV 500, Scorpio or a Safari. Prices start from Rs.60 per hour and all Zoomcars come with the following:

– All-inclusive tariff which includes fuel, comprehensive insurance and taxes.
– A 3G enabled tablet, which makes navigation a breeze.

So the next time you feel like exploring Pune, do it in a self drive car instead of a cab, and get a taste of what freedom tastes like!

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