Bucket List Trips With Your Besties

Taking a road trip with your besties? Hoping to make your trip movie like? Let’s face it – both Bollywood and Hollywood have shown us how road trips with your besties can be fun and emotional as well. So try these road trips, and you will definitely make your trip movie worthy!

Let’s start with the Mother of all trips, Manali to Leh.

Own Your Adventure


Also known as the Mecca of trips, the journey will last 2 days (or may be more), thanks to the beautiful and scenic snow-capped mountains, valleys and rugged terrains. The best time to make this trip is between the months of June and September, since the trip involves high altitudes. It is best to rest the night at either Sarchu which stands at 4253 M, or Pang which is at a height of 4630 M, or even Upshi which is at 3384 M. On this trip, make sure you don’t miss out on the Beas River Valley, Rohtang Pass, Keylong and definitely Zingzing Bar which is one of the highest bars in the world. Of course, we encourage you to not drink and drive.




Manali & Leh, here we come!

Mumbai to Goa.

This is one trip everyone wanted to make post Dil Chahta Hai. Goa is a 12 hour drive from Mumbai, and making this journey will be sure to make some awesome memories to last a lifetime. The beautiful Ghats sections that you will drive on will be as good as the movie, if not better. The mesmerizing Western Ghats will give you the serene environment away from the city’s hustle and bustle.


The road to Goa is via the Mumbai Pune expressway, this in itself is a fabulous experience. The expressway stretches across almost 95 kilometers, and you can aim to reach Pune within 3 hours.


A section of the road you will need to pass on the Mumbai Goa highway,  is Kashedi Ghat. This Ghat section is listed as one of the country’s most haunted roads. If rumors are to be believed, the Ghat is known to be home to flesh-loving ghosts, and it is advised not to carry non-vegetarian food on the entire highway itself. Most travelers that have traveled on this road after sundown, have complained that their cars have abruptly halted on the Ghat. May not be a great idea if one your besties is faint-hearted; it is generally considered best to avoid it at night.


Along the journey, the best places to stop and have a meal or just hop out of the car for some sightseeing are Kolhapur and Satara. You can also visit the Panhala Fort, Jyotiba Temple and the Rankala Lake as well.


A Trip Down The Grand Trunk Road.

Making a drive down the Grand Trunk Road or the GT, will have to be a check off your bucket list. This highway road runs for 2500 kilometers, across 4 different countries – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.


The road was in existence during the Maurya Dynasty in 322-185 BC. And the largest section of the GT Road goes from the West to the North.  Sher Shah Suri is believed to be the architect of the now known GT Road. The British during their reign in India, had added the connection from Howrah to Peshawar.


A must-not-be-missed is a trip to the Wagah Border which is at the Westernmost part of GT Road in India. This is a once in a lifetime experience and sharing this with your besties will just make it all the more better.



So which of these life changing trips would you make?

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