YES! You can list for the entire month. We understand that your listing patterns might vary based on your driving need. While we strongly encourage you to list for a minimum of 100 hours every month, there is no upper limit. As they say Sky is the limit. The more you share, the more you save.

ZAP is all about saving on your car ownership costs and maintenance is o exception. We cap the per kilometer maintenance expenses and pay anything over and above that. For example we cap the maintenance expense of a diesel Hatchback car at Rs.1.40 /km and if the actual cost is Rs.1.60/km, Zoomcar will pay the differential amount of 0.2 Re/km. T and C : All standard taxes apply. The maintenance costs differ by each car…

Your car lies idle for 90% of the time, making it one of the most underutilized asset. With ZAP, you can share your car when idle, earn revenue and save upto 70% on your EMIs. Like to know more ? Please attend any of the personal interaction session as per your convenience . Our representatives will answer your questions and take you one step ahead towards on boarding. City wise schedule of the interactive session…

Thinking to book a Zoomcar and don’t know about the process? You don’t need to worry as it’s quite simple! There is no paper work, and you can start zooming with these simple steps: Once booked, do you know that your Zoomcar booking comes with free fuel? Here are some important things to know about our service: Have more questions? Check our FAQs here