Cheat The Heat this Summer!

With summers upon us, we all want to cheat the heat in more ways than one. Mercury levels are creeping their way up, temperatures are scorching high and humidity levels have escalated to beyond tolerable. Here’s our pick of ways to cheat the heat this summer!

Amritsari Lassi Wala, Chandni Chowk

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In Delhi’s Chandni Chowk area, Amritsari Lassi Wala is a famous spot to grab a healthy yogurt drink, Lassi. The main ingredient being curd which is a natural coolant for the body, not to forget it’s delicious as well The Lassis available at the Amritsari Lassi Wala are available in every flavor imaginable.


From the popular Malai and Kesar to the seasonal Mango and Strawberry.



They also have flavors like Banana, Almond, Jeera (cumin), and better yet, a diet version is also available. Can it get any better than this? Yup, it can at Giani di Hatti, in Delhi as well is known to have the best Mango Lassi in the city.



While at Giani di Hatti, make sure you also try their Rabri Falooda.


Let’s head down south from Delhi to Mathura, where we will check in at Brijwasi. In Mathura, apart from Mathura ke pede, Brijwasi Sweets is famous for their badam milk.


This badam milk is served cold in a kullad or a clay pot which enhances the flavor, and the makes the drink even more cold.


Grab some of these while you’re there as well, while at Brijwasi.


Further South of Mathura is Indore, here you must head over to Madhuram Sweets.


They are known for their Shahi Shikanji. What is that you ask? This a delicious thickened milk drink, that’s  served chilled.


It is flavored with aromatics of saffron and green cardamom powder. Generally garnished with a healthy sprinkle of dry fruits like almonds, cashews and raisins.

Tell me if you can spot where this is from?


Woo-hoo you’re right, this is Mumbai. Here in various places Ice Gola is made. The most famous would be at Malai Gola on Marine Drive.


These icy delights are available day and night (up to 2 am), in every flavor under the sun (my favorite being Kala Khatta…yummy). A walk along side Marine Drive and these will definitely cheat the heat.

A little South of Mumbai is Pune. Pune has quite a large population of Parsis, The Old Persian area of the city, houses Marz-O-Rin an old Persian bakery cum cafe.


The must try here is the Cold Coffee. This may sound cliche, but cliches are always nice aren’t they?


How are you going to cheat heat this summer?

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