Couples can now cope with their life and romance with numerous adventurous, romantic experiences. Visiting hidden water kingdoms, mountains laden with flowers and wildlife, and residing on a mountain can create memories for a lifetime. Read on to check out some tips for a romantic getaway.

Tips for planning a couple’s getaways

Before we start recommending great places, we want to give you some tips for the journey; and here they are:

Own Your Adventure

Best places for couple getaways:


Kerala’s 7th largest city, Alleppey, has beaches, lush green palms, backwaters, beach lagoons, and scenic canals. You can stay at the boathouse and enjoy the mesmerizing hillocks and paddy fields while crossing the calm and clear water.


If you both love backwaters and lush greenery, then this is a perfect place for you. There are rare migratory birds. Staying at the Kumarakom Lake Resort can give amazing views and a peaceful experience while lazing around.


This romantic place is located among the thick green trees, away from the crowded town. It has hutments made of mud in the Banasura Hill Resort that give you an amazing experience of spending quality time with nature.


It is a great place for couples to relax and soak into the French feel. You can have spectacular sunrise views on the beautiful beach and enjoy Le Pondy’s waterscapes between the Bay of Bengal and the Chunnambar River.

Havelock Island

This island is in Andaman and has mesmerizing silver sands with sparkling turquoise water. There are breathtaking corals that are unique to the place. Scuba diving is a great option for unraveling the hidden water kingdom in the place.

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