Creating a listing

Creating a Listing

Your journey of making a listing on Zoomcar begins with creating a listing.

What is a ‘Listing’

Listing is the duration for which you choose to share your car. A listing is the duration between a start date & time to end date & time. Example: 7th March 6Am to 16th march 10:00 PM. Start date & time to end date & time is chosen by you and it could be any time duration greater than 60 hours. When you create a listing it will show up in your app like this



  1. You can make any number of listings as long as they are not overlapping
  2. Your listing goes ‘live’ between the chosen start date & time and end date & time 
  3. Your car is only offered to be shared for durations when it is live
  4. You can get bookings from users only for the time when your car is live

How do you create a listing?

You can create a listing by either using the ‘share car’ button as shown here at the bottom of the screen in red. Some details have been hidden with red markings for privacy.

Listing Creation

Once you click the ‘Share Car’ button, you will see the following window, where you will choose the location of the car in your addresses and select the start date and end date of your listing on calendar. Listing Creation Window Listing Creation Calendar