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Personal Mobility preferences have never been so important than they are now. After all, it offers the safest way to travel alone or with your family. For those who do not have access or availability of a personal vehicle can take Zoomcar’s Subscription or Self Drive Car Rental service which are the ideal options in this scenario.

Car Rental
Self Drive Car Rental

We at Zoomcar have been happily providing you with a car rental facility that offers a comfortable private driving experience. We sanitize our vehicles thoroughly after every use to ensure that we meet your health and safety expectations. We also add value by having doorstep drop and pick-up of the vehicles.

Own Your Adventure

Keeping the current situation and its impact in mind, we at Zoomcar decided to go a step further and come up with a curated offering to enable you to cope better will provide you and your loved ones with what you’ll need most in the future.

Zoomcar’s 100% Off Sale!

Yes, you read it right. The 100% sale will include Flat 50% Off on your initial booking amount and an additional 50% Cashback as Zoom credits. If you avail of this sale offer, you will enjoy substantial savings benefits on taking our Car Rental service during the validity period.
Our well-sanitized cars will help you keep your health and safety in check, while the discount offer makes the Self Drive Car Rental service affordable for you.
It is an offer that you will definitely not regret accepting, especially when the right time comes. So, book your Zoomcar right away during this opportune time and keep all your future travel-related worries aside!

Terms and Conditions for Zoomcar’s Sale Offer

  1. The 100% off consists of a Flat 50% off on your initial Booking Amount and an additional 50% cashback in the form of Zoom Credits.
  2. The Sale duration is from 27th April 2020, 12:01 AM till the 30th April 2020, 11:59 PM hrs. (The Sale may extend till 1st May 2020)
  3. The offer travel period will be between 4th May 2020 – 24th Oct 2020.
  4. The 50% cashback that you receive as Zoom Credits will be transferred within one month from the booking date.
  5. Existing Zoom Credits cannot be used during the offer period.
  6. Zero reschedule fee applicable on all booking (Rescheduling applicable till 4th May 2021)
  7. While rescheduling, if you extend/shorten your trip, the discount won’t be applicable for the extended/shortened period.|
  8. A 50% fee will be charged as cancellation charges if the booking is canceled within 24 hours of the booking start time. Otherwise, a 0% cancellation fee will be charged.
  9. The discount offer will be valid only on original reservation charges.
  10. The discount shall not apply to any rescheduling or in cases involving excess km, extensions, late return fees, or other charges, etc.
  11. One way interstate bookings will be fulfilled subject to necessary permissions from government authorities. In case permissions are not given, the booking might be unserviceable, unfortunately.
  12. A fully refundable security deposit is applicable for every booking done during the offer.
  13. However, the offer shall apply to bookings made for a minimum of 12 hours and on one way or intercity travel plans.
  14. The discount offer will also not apply to the extended or shortened period.
  15. Zoomcar holds the right to withdraw the offer without notifying the users.
  16. Zoomcar holds the right to revoke a booking if any user misuses the offer.

Key Conditions

  1. If you’re a Supermiler Club member, you will need to pay a security deposit of
    Rs. 2999 to Rs 4999 just as other members depending on the city of booking.
  2. The Sale comes with a Zero Cancellation Fee. However, there will be a 50% cancellation charge if you cancel the booking within 24 hours of the booking start time.
  3. The Sale includes Free Rescheduling. However, it will be subject to the availability of cars and be upto 24 hours before booking start time.
    Sale offers have always been beneficial, but imagine getting 100% off. It is what makes Zoomcar’s Sale Offer one of its kind.

Use Cases of Zoomcar

  • Having a pre-booked Zoomcar will be of great support to you and your loved ones during an emergency as it will ensure you do not compromise on safety and sanitization for all your essential and emergency travel.
  • Taking Zoomcar’s 100% off deal will also serve useful when you need to travel for urgent official purposes.

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