Extend Your Festivities With The Biggest Self-Drive Carnival!

The festive season just flew by over the last few weeks – a period of time composed of relaxing long weekends, vacations and celebrations with friends and family. But just because Diwali is over doesn’t mean that you should feel forced to settle for the mundane routine of everyday life. This is why we’re bringing you a 2-day sale starting on October 31st – avail of the biggest self-drive carnival to add spice to the post-festive season!

Continue the stress-free vibe of the holiday season

Own Your Adventure

Diwali gave you a reason to take a break from the constant stress and challenges you face at work and in your household. Now that the festive season has passed by, work on maintaining a calm headspace by taking a break from work for a drive out. Long drives can be extremely relaxing as they can allow you to get out of your head and think uncluttered thoughts. Put on some good music, roll the windows down and enjoy some quality time without any interruptions.

Spend quality time with your friends

Festivals are celebrated by spending time with the people that are closest to you. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on spending time with those you care about after spending a few days with them. Hanging out with your friends is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to spend your time, so don’t let it come to an end with the holiday season. Head out for a drive with your close friends and make the most of your time together!

Celebrate togetherness with your family

If you couldn’t spend time with your parents and close family during Diwali – better late than never! Make up for missing out on the festivities with your fambam by planning a drive out with the whole family and cherishing your intimate moments together. Travel to places new and old – what matters most is the proximity of your loved ones!

Let your vehicle wind down its engine

The holidays were a good time for you to wind down, so why not treat your car to a much needed break. Let your car breathe some life into its engine and gears – let it rest in the garage or schedule maintenance to keep it running smoothly. As your car gets rejuvenated, you can avail of a self-drive car to drive around and complete chores and trips around town. The novelty of getting back to your car after a few days is sure to fill you up with delight.

Burn those calories by going on a hike

Diwali is popularly known as the season of lights because everyone lights up the house with candles and lamps. But more omnipresent than the lights is the abundant quantity of food and sweets enjoyed by one and all. After feasting on all the sweets and snacks, it’s time for you to get your body into shape by burning off those extra calories. Here’s a suggestion – why not drive out for a fun trek in a serene environment? Treat your body right by walking those extra steps, while your mind can revel in the peace and quiet of a calm location.

So don’t be glum because Diwali is behind us for the year. There’s a plethora of activities to add some spice to the routine of everyday life and enjoy the post-festive season – take advantage of our self-drive sale starting on October 31st and keep the festivities going!

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