Foodie Paradise – Episode 2

Episode 2 – Chennai

Which is that one restaurant in your city you are willing to travel to for good food? The food there is so delicious and filling that you wouldn’t mind travelling across the city just to eat it.

As we all know, India is a country of diversity. The diversity can even be seen in the cuisines. There is a new language, new traditions and new cuisines every 50 km if not lesser. And we will be telling you’ll about the 5 best dishes to eat in Chennai.

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Kothu Parotta at Dindigul Thalapakattu

This Sri Lankan based dish, has gained popularity in Chennai. This is made by cutting up pieces of parotta (a flour based tawa bread) with eggs, vegetable and curry. This mixture is further chopped using a steel tumbler.

Topped with curry leaves, this dish is generally served on a banana leaf.

This mouth-watering speciality of Chennai is mostly eaten with curry or chutney either tomato and coconut.

Kothu Parotta

Although it is available at almost every restaurant in Chennai, the best Mutton Kothu Parotta is served at Dindigul Thalapakattu.

For our fellow vegetarian friends don’t worry, Hotel Sangeetha, serves one of the best Chilli Parotta.

Dindigul Tahalappakatii

Location- Tambaram, Ramavaram, OMR and more.

Seafood at Coastline Restaurant

If you’re in Chennai and are a seafood lover, you must visit the Coastline Restaurant at least once. Known for the best seafood in Chennai, this restaurant is known for Goan Fish Curry, Grilled White Pomfret, Grilled Lobster and Jumbo Grilled Prawns.

Coastline Crab Jumbo prawns

The menu is designed to please all kinds of palates. Apart from the great food, this restaurant also offers a breath-taking ambience.


Location-  Alwarpet.

Rabbit Roast at Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant

Chettinad cuisine is Tamil Nadu’s pride but not every restaurant can deliver the best Chettinad food.

If you are looking for good Chettinad food for a food frenzy, Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant’s food will leave you spellbound.


The Rabbit Roast is one of the dishes that will linger in your mind even after it is over.

This pocket friendly but amazing restaurant doesn’t let you forget Chettinad cuisine easily.

Rabbit Roast

Location- Nungambakkam High Road, K.B Nagar and more.

Sambar Vadai at New Woodlands


Sambar Vada needs no explanation. No list of South Indian food items go without mentioning Sambar Vada. Chennai’s New Woodlands is quite famous in the town for its Sambar Vadai and Masala Dosa.

New woodlands hotel

Location- RK Salai.

Idiyappam at Hotel Sarvana Bhavan

Idiyappam is nothing but steamed noodles made from rice flour. These delicious “string hoppers” as they call it, are a typical Tamil snack. Ideally consumed with coconut milk khurma, some people also prefer it with paya.

Hotel Sarvana Bhavan is known to deliver one of the best Idiyappams in town.


So the next time you’re zooming in Chennai, make sure to devour these yummy foods!

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