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What is Zoomcar?

Zoomcar, started by Greg Moran and David Back, is the pioneer of Self-drive car rentals in India. The company which was started 3 years ago in 2013 from Bangalore is now present across 7 cities in India. It boasts of a fleet size of around 2200 cars spread across more than 16 different car types offering customers unmatched flexibility and choice. With game-changing products like Home-delivery, Zoom Lite/Classic/XL and Zoom commute, Zoomcar has always focused on solving real problems that customers are facing everyday.

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What is Zoombiz?

Zoombiz is Zoomcar’s exclusive service for corporates where it allows the companies to take cars on a weekly/monthly basis and use it as an option for employee transportation over extended periods of time. Companies can customize this offering by taking the vehicles on a weekday and weekend basis as well. The billing and other logistical details will be managed centrally in collaboration with Company’s HR/Admin team.

How does it work and how do I get my company listed?

To use ‘Zoombiz’, all a corporate needs to do is to register with our representative and create a customized package that works for them. You can also drop a mail to and we will reach out to you to present your customized offers. After signing up, the company will get access to a dedicated page created for their official bookings. All the employees who are eligible to enjoy the service just need to register on this page with their official email ID and they do their bookings. All the bookings done by the employee for official purposes will be mapped to his official email id. The insurance and maintenance expenses will be taken care of by Zoomcar.

What happens in case of damage/accident or any untoward incident?

In case of any damage, accident or untoward incident while an employee is driving the car,  the liability for the company will be limited to Rs 5000 provided the employee has followed the Zoomcar membership terms and conditions. In case, these terms and conditions are not followed the company liability will be dependent on the actual damages . For details on the Zoomcar membership terms and conditions, please refer to

How do Company employees benefit from ‘Zoombiz’?

The objective of ‘Zoombiz’ as a product is to make the life easier for your employees where they have a car at their disposal throughout the period of their reservation and are not really dependent on point to point travel service providers. It will not only allow them additional flexibility in terms of fixing their appointments and business meetings but also provide access to a vehicle during peak hours/public transport unavailability. A regular complain from employees is filing for individual reimbursements which ‘Zoombiz’ has tried to solve by providing them access to their individual dashboards saving a lot of productive time.

How do Company admin teams/Traveldesks benefit from Zoombiz?

This product will be very helpful for the Admin/ HR teams/Traveldesks as it will make the handling of ‘Employee transportation’ for them very easy and streamlined. They will not only have a consolidated dashboard where they can look at all the bookings that are being made by their employees but they will also be able to track total travelling expenses regularly. At the end of the month, they will just need to make a payment against the total expenses incurred which will be billed by Zoomcar. We have tried to bring in complete transparency with the option of online payment integrated with the product,

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