Get Trippy, Go Hippie: 12 Definitive Indian Destinations For The Hippie In You!

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The world can become a little too much for all of us at some point. At such times it’s a very good idea to just chill the hell out, pick up your bare essentials and head off to a place that holds the promise of good times, laid back vibes and great scenery.

Own Your Adventure

With a distinct 60s vibe to boast of, these beautiful places will make you believe that headline, deadlines, client deals, assignments… Everything can wait, just like the time here which follows its own speed!
Follow the trail to travel to these destinations that will refresh and recharge you!

  1. Refreshing Varkala

    What better place to start your trippy vacation than the beautiful beaches of Varkala in Kerala? A famous hangout of backpackers, the golden sand beaches graze the shores of the cliffs that this dreamy destination proudly boasts of.


  1. Image Credit: Vineet Radhakrishnan– Flickr

    A long stretch of shops sell cotton Kurtas and chunky silver jewellery and further down the beach you can hear the hypnotizing sounds of trance and EDM music that just fills up the void of noise in your heart.

  1. Alluring Allepey


Image Credit: Vineet Radhakrishnan – Flickr

If the sunny beaches have filled you with liquid sunshine, then head out to cool it off at Allepey or Alapuzha as it is called locally. A quaint village on the banks of the Backwaters of Kerala, the rich green vegetation and the breeze are just the thing you need to get rid of the blues. A chance rain and your trip might just be topped with the proverbial cherry.

Green and Serene Kodaikanal


Image Credit: ram reddy– Flickr

‘Princess of Hill Stations ‘ Kodaikanal is a misty destination surrounded by trees and hills that are full of every kind imaginable. Translating to mean ‘The Gift of The Forest’ it lives up to its reputation. The green hills attract a lot of tourists and travellers of all ages, it is equally popular with backpackers and well ‘suitcasers’!  The charming knolls are the most perfect respite that you can take away from the maddening crowds. Flit your sight around a little bit and we are sure you will see the calmness that this place is famous for.

Calming Hampi


Image Credit: Roehan Rengadurai– Flickr

Head out from the greens of Kodai top to the mystical brown sandstone environs of Hampi. The surroundings echo a tale of the city that was once left in ruins, but has since resurrected itself to a destination of choice for many foreign and domestic travellers. The beautiful rocky outcrops and stunning temple architecture engulfs you in its charms as you begin to feel one with this city frozen in an unmistakably 60s vibe.

Gorgeous Gokarna

The unexpectedly calm beaches of Gokarna beckon us next. A temple town, Gokarna has a wealth of legends associated with it. The most popular one being that it was here that Lord Shiva appeared out of a cow’s ear to bless the devotees, hence the shape of the this beachside retreat. Whatever the legends may be fact remains that the stretch of beaches that include the gorgeous Om Beach, Rocky Kudle Beach, pristine Paradise and Half-moon beach are a sight that will take away your worries.


Image Credit: Jo Kent– Flickr

Plop down on the sand and watch the waves crashing on the ocean floor as time itself slows down for you. Dreadlocks, beads, airy Kurtas and of course a beach jam or two… You are sorted!

Picturesque Palolem


Image Credit:Andrew Miller– Flickr

If there is anywhere in Goa that you can find the charm of white sand beaches, it has to be at Palolem. A long stretch of coastline, shaded by tall Coconut trees and a few beach shacks, its just heavenly! Plop yourself with a cold beer and a trusted friend and be prepared to see how the beach changes colours with the passing time. What was once a laidback sleepy coast in the day transforms into a nightlife hub in the night. The surrounding bunch of backpackers just make up for an equally interesting and chilled out vibe.

The Mesmerising Rann of Kutch

Continue onward to the next leg of your journey to the Rann of Kutch.  If anything defines ‘Dramatic’, it is this! A vast Salt plain formed by saline deposits of the ocean, the Rann of Kutch is a jaw dropping surreal sight in summers.


Image Credit: dpbirds– Flickr

The scenery runs right into the horizon making up for inescapable hold over your senses. Mesmerising and charming, it is THE place to experience the fact that the earth is not flat!

Royal Trip to Jaisalmer

Head out from the salt plain wilderness of Kutch to get a taste of royalty at Jaisalmer. Right in the middle of the vast and arid sand dunes stands the historic Jaisalmer Fort. Feel a distinct vibe of history and fantasy envelop you as the air carries with it a mystique of years of tales, heritage and legends.


Image Credit: Daniel Mennerich– Flickr

Lie down on the sandy slopes of the dunes and watch the intense play of stars and moonlight. In the desert the life has its own pace that is beautifully placid, let yourself be sucked into this fascinating tale!

Captivating Valleys of Kasol

What would offer a better respite from the sweltering heat than the green slopes of Kasol? This veritable paradise of a destination is a mecca for travellers with a penchant for offbeat and backpack travel.






Nestled in the vibrantly colorful valleys of Himachal Pradesh, this destination is replete with hippie hideouts, peaceful music and yummy cuisine that reflects its side of world travel and gathered heritage. Must go!

Mysterious Valleys of Malana


Image Credit: hermesmarana– Flickr

With a culture, civilization and ways of life, Malana is surely a destination that is welcoming and at the same time reclusive towards outsiders. Oldest democracy in the world, Malana is the place that thrives on the cultivation of Hashish and it has become a part of life for the villagers there. However, hold your horses before you take off, because special permits have to be obtained to enter the village boundaries.

Mesmerizing  McLeodGanj

Your first stopover post arrival in the capital city has to be at McLeodganj. The residence of the Tibetan cabinet in exile, it is also the home of the Dalai Lama, the highest order for Buddhist monks. There are very few places on earth that can boast of the culture and lifestyle that Mcleodganj proudly wears on its sleeves.


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A sense of happiness, peace and music flows together in perfect harmony with the beauty of its natural beauties. Spot a quaint, cozy and colourful cafe and let yourself go!

The Magical Nubra Valley

That’s it! There’s no other way to give a thundering end to this beautifully blissful expedition, you must take a bike ride from the valleys of Malana to the stunning environs of Nubra Valley in Leh. Cotton candy clouds, azure blue skies are contrasted stunningly with brown mountains and a sapphire blue lake right in the middle.


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