Gorgeous Sunsets You Must See

When you look at the sunset, you will always think of the ”what if’s” of your life. Isn’t it? Some pledges are made and some memories, too. The best view and places to see the ocean or the mountains swallow the sun whole, are in our pick for the best sunset spots in the country!

Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Mount Abu is situated at the south west on the breath taking Nakki lake. The most visited spot and big tourist attraction at this hill station is the sunset point. When you go to see the sunset here, it feels like the Aravalli range is inching to swallow the sun whole. This view is a real treat to the eyes and the beauty is unparalleled.

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sunset at Mount Abu

Matheran, Maharashtra

Situated in Maharashtra, Matheran has at least  30 different points from which you can enjoy the sunset views. Somehow it always feels like one is always better that the other.  The best of the best has to be Porcupine Point.

sunset at matheran1


Vagator Beach, Goa

At Vagator Beach in Goa, the sunset is so gorgeous that it can be on the list of things to see before you die. With red cliffs on one side and seagulls on the other flying close to the breaking waves, the sun slowly winding down for the day is a sight to see.

Vagator, Goa_Sunset

Marine Drive, Kochi

Think of the last time you enjoyed a sunset. Did it take you a while to remember? If you have seen the sunset from Marine Drive, Kochi, it would definitely not. The sunset creates the most amazing ambiance and most romantic setting. The array of colors looks like God was an artist and is just showing off how good he is!

sunset in kochi

Alleppey Beach, Kerala

Watching the sun sink into the sea is a wonderful experience in Alleppey. The blue waters change their colors with the setting sun, making it look like liquid gold. The sight is just mesmerizing and will leave you awestruck.

Alleppey sunset

Alleppey sunset

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Standing at the southernmost tip of the country is a memorable experience on it’s own. But to make this memory (one you can share even with your great grand children), stand there in the evening and watch the sun get engulfed into the ocean. The reddish shades of the skies will never be available in a store, the blues of the waters are a confluence of 3 oceans making the most magical colors. Nature at it’s best.

sunset at Kanyakumari

sunset at Kanyakumari

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