Guest Blog by Soumyajit Kundu – From Kolkata To Bengaluru

I am from Kolkata where I have a friend circle, a bunch of driving enthusiasts and we used to have frequent long drives to distant places like Shantiniketan, Chandipur etc.

Last year I got transferred to Bengaluru, I was definitely happy with the new role, location and assignment but was saddened by the thought that our weekly trips would be stopped now. I could not bring my car from Kolkata as my parents will use it, also could not afford a new car right away.

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KAHAANI MEIN TWIST: One fine day I saw an Advertisement in Facebook regarding ZoomCar. Liked the concept, got myself registered right away. Though I was a bit skeptical that how safe it would be to drive here that too in a rented car.

THE OPPORTUNITY: Came soon in December, I got a mail from ZoomCar for a 50% off on the first ride. We were planing a trip, so we modified it to a road trip. We discussed and agreed to try with a shorter trip to Mekedatu.

THE BOOKING procedure was definitely good and very user friendly, the terms and conditions were clear. Got car availability for Sunday so we booked it immediately and decided for an early return to Bangalore next day.

UNKNOWN EXCITEMENT & TENSION: I have driven Premier Padmini, Maruti 800 and Alto, but never the cars which you provide. Did some analysis and gathered expert advice and zeroed on HONDA AMAZE (till now its my favorite, my booking history confirms that). Now the tension was about how to get travel directions to these places, because not well versed with the local language as well. Although I had used Google Maps earlier, did not have any experience of GPS.

THE D DAY: I could not sleep at night the day before out of excitement (it was already 6 months in Bangalore and this would be our first successful road trip).

THE CAR COLLECTION: The fleet executive was very friendly, helped me in unlocking, explained the controls and the checklist. (Hennur is still the best team when compared to others, special mention to Mr. Senthil who helped me on innumerable occasions).

THE JOURNEY: From Hennur Bus Depot to my residence is just 5 KMs, my biggest challenge, this will confirm whether I will be able to make the long drive. I passed it with flying colors. And the car behaved well and soon we became good friends. The journey started to Mekedatu via Kanakapura road with a stop for a breakfast on the way. It was awesome and we reached safely. The car was superb, it was few thousand KMs old, so was very smooth with great handling and superb driving comfort. My wife was the happiest, at last she could come again for such a wonderful drive after a long time, it was way above her expectations. We explored other places in and around as well.

The return next day to Bengaluru was again good, thanks to ZoomCar speed restriction policy, I drove cautiously on the beautiful NICE Road and enjoyed the beautiful ride.

OVERALL: Inspite of being away from home, I could organised a self driven road trip, which was actually a distant dream. You have given us an affordable way to travel not just outside but within the city as well. THANKS to you guys.

The facilities you provide is excellent- Insurance, fuel covered. The tab loaded with EVERYTHING WHICH ONE CAN THINK OF. JUST PERFECT. Maps for directions, Zomato for restaurants. Not but not the least the TORCH. Great ground work guys and keep up the good work.

Since then, I am a regular and actually have postponed the idea of buying my own car. Hope you would continue your services in the same way.

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  2. A very informative site. The way you have share this information is really very appreciative. Hope to see more on this topic here. Thanks for posting this information here.

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