Its been a long association with Zoomcar, having being involved directly or indirectly for around 30+ bookings now. I have never been let down. In this post I felt that instead of speaking regarding wonderful trips with Zoomcar which is quite obvious, let me take the opportunity to thank the people who tirelessly work to make this happen.

Though my first booking was for a wonderful trip to Mekedatu, but slowly its now been associated for day to day activities like attending invitations, office events, airport pickups and last but not the least periodic health checkup visits 🙂 There had been other occasions where a car was booked in very very short notice of half an hour for emergencies and every time I have found a smiling fleet executive waiting for me to handover the car. Infact they have excelled in their services. I remember once I booked the electric E2O from Manyata and had no idea how to drive it. Mr. Senthil from Hennur Depot happily came to Manyata to give me a detailed KT (as we say in IT terms). There have been other times when Praveen of Hennur found that the assigned car met with an accident, and immediately started searching for free car at  neighbouring Zoomcar pickup points. After much effort he finally got one car for me. All these efforts are very much appreciated.

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The backend team has been very helpful as well throughout, though with some problems with the telecallers where some issues have taken long for resolution. There also I need to say that you have some great people like Ravi.CS in Customer Support and Mr. John who apologized for the delay but solved my problem very soon.

Your endeavour to improve on technicalities both on web and on mobile have made the application very user friendly. The UI has improved a lot since inception, and the payment and refund process has also improved with the introduction of Citrus Pay.
When running such a huge self drive car rental service, there will be problems but users rarely post positive response while the negative responses get highlighted more on social media.

Overall its a great team effort and I am happy to be associated with this friendly team.

For me, Zoomcar is definitely the reason why I have no plans for buying my own car 🙂 and its the best, safe, affordable and most comfortable mode of travel in and around Bangalore. Hope to see you guys soon in Kolkata with other user friendly options like monthly bookings and more variant of cars.

Keep up the good work.

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