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Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote. Our daily road trips – to Bhangarh fort, Aravali hills, Raisina hill, Dumduma Lake, Sultanpur National Bird Park and many more are proof of the same. We plan our trips according to weather, so, whenever it rains we travel. On our recent trip to Bhangarh we witnessed some paranormal activities happening there. That is why I am writing down my experience. A few days ago we planned a trip to Bhangarh fort, Alwar (Rajasthan), India. Bhangarh fort is one of the top most haunted places in the world.

According to the condition of the road and the long distance, we decide to take our Zoomcar GLA for more comfort. It took us 3 hours to reach there from Gurgaon which is at a distance of about 221 km. The road trip to Bhangarh fort is itself amazing- a great landscape, marble mountains to dry land. We left Gurgaon at around 02:30 am and arrived at Bhangarh Fort at 05:30 am. According to ASI, no one is allowed to enter inside the fort before and after sunset so we decided to stay at the fort border. We were too scared already.

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The thing about this trip is that even the smallest of occurrences seem threatening and scare the daylights out of you. After arriving there at 5:30 am, we found that the gates were closed. I have read a lot about the fort and knew that the walls on the right side of the fort are broken and one can easily get inside. We waited till 06:00 am and went inside, we felt a presence near us and we walked holding each other’s hands. We were wearing clothes on which God’ s name was written everywhere, and had malas around our necks.

The weather was pleasant that day and it was raining slightly. We didn’t waste our time and started going up the fort. There was an entrance which was too scary and there was a strange feeling in the atmosphere, which caused anxiety and restlessness. A low screaming voice was coming from both the left and the right sides and there were more than a thousand black bats in and around the fort. We went to the top. The wind was ominous, blowing as if about to cause a storm, and since the terrace lacked boundaries, we were prone to falling down!

After going to the top, we were looking down at the entire view. There was a different smell in the air and it felt like someone was trying to push us over. We sat there for a while holding each other’s hands. The fort is in ruins and has some traps and haunted rooms. There is one Rani Ratnawati temple in the middle of the ruins. There is one more thing to visit at the top which is also believed to be haunted and it is not advisable for women to go there as Ratnawati was kept there as hostage.

It is a 15 min straight track but the route is very risky and that is the most haunted place on this fort and apart from the ghosts, sometimes people have seen tigers there as well. The fort is close to a tiger reserve. Due to rains, we decided not to visit that place. All in all, we had an amazing experience. The fort is a beautiful spot for weekend getaways and picnics, and a paradise for photographers.


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