Road trip tricks

Hacks For A Seamless Road Trip

We all need a break at some point to reduce our stress because of the hectic work schedule and other commitments in life. A short break in the form of a long road trip with friends or family can make you more productive and ensure better efficiency when you return to work. Zoomcar, the largest car sharing platform, offers the best cars for long road trips where you can choose a 4-wheeler for your trip to destress yourselves. Let us see some of the key aspects of long road trips which need to be taken care of to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Road trip tricks

  • Check if the hotels you are booking have a secure, covered parking

This is important, so you don’t have to park on the roadside. This will ensure that your car is not dirty when you want to drive it around town.

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  • Be prepared for unplanned expenses

Do enough research before planning a trip to stay updated about all the unplanned expenses that can come up. When you are driving a car on your own, such expenses can include fuel, parking fees, etc.

  • Check for safety features in the car

Check for safety features such as airbags, tire pressure, and other crucial features for ensuring safety during a long drive. It is always recommended to check the fuel, battery, and AC and ensure a proper tune-up before leaving for a trip. Which of course the company makes sure is never an issue.

  • Keep all essential items handy

This includes a power bank, an offline map in case you lose connectivity, snacks to have on the way, a water bottle, a first aid kit, and paper towels.

Zoomcar – the largest car sharing platform – has made it affordable for everyone to choose a car to fulfil their travel plans. This enterprise offers users the best car for long road trips and saves them the hassle of maintaining it or paying hefty EMIs.


  • Which is the best car for long road trips?

Depending on the number of members on the trip, you can decide which car would be there for your long road trip to ensure maximum comfort.

  • Can people choose luxury cars for self-driving for their road trips from Zoomcar?

Yes, Zoomcar also has luxury cars that can be opted at affordable rates for long road trips.

  • What is the most important point while going for a Zoomcar to go on a road trip with friends?

Make sure to have a companion with you who can drive as well. This way, they can take over the steering when you are tired.

  • What can be some unplanned expenses during road trips?

These can be parking fees, car tickets, medical emergencies etc.

  • Is Zoomcar safe for long trips?

Yes, Zoomcar ensures the complete safety of its customers during long trips and provides clean and hygienic cars.

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