Hanle In India Is One Of The Highest Space Observatories In The World. 7 More Places Where You Can Stargaze!

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1. Jaisalmer
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HolidayIQ Traveller Santhosh Kumar says, “If you are adventurous and like to sleep under the stars, you must spend one night in desert of Jaisalmer.” Nothing is more exhilarating than camping in the wide desert expanse, under the blanket of the star-studded night sky, watching the heaven from your cozy tents. The desert of Jaisalmer is the perfect place for stargazers.

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2. Kashid


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Kashid Beach is popular for its white sand, blue waters, lakes, water streams and green mountains in the surroundings. The beach stretches for about 3 km and lies amidst two rocky hills. There are casuarina groves throughout the seashore.HolidayIQ Traveller Samudra Chaudhury shares, “Kashid is a nice beach with silver sand which offers something for both the adventurous and the relaxing types of travellers. The beach is clean and nice. There are various water-sports like parasailing, Banana boat ride, water scooters available. Beach scooters, horse and camel rides, tanga and bullock cart ride is also available.”

3. Ladakh


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HolidayIQ Traveller Rohit Bhumame says, “Leh is the best place to unwind. There is something magical in the air which makes it special. Whatever you are going through in the life, a trip here will get you back to your life, refreshed with a new zeal. Also, for stargazing at night from Shanti stupa. Take herbal tea and enjoy looking up at the stars.”Ladakh boasts of some of the clearest night skies in India. The view of clear skies from the Shanti Stupa makes it a great spot for stargazing. For the more adventurous ones, visit the Hanle Observatory for a heavenly experience. Literally!

4. Nainital Observatory


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For the space enthusiasts, the Aryabhatta Research Observatory, the oldest one in India, is a place to be. HolidayIQ Traveller A S says, “It has India’s largest telescope from which you can observe even the rings of the Jupiter. The session is free. They let you uncover the night skies through their powerful telescopes.”

5. Rann Of Kutch


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HolidayIQ Traveller Parth Patel, “While the White Rann looks amazing at sunrise and sunset, it looks more fabulous on a full moon night.”The near-perfect visibility at the great salt expanse gives stargazers unparelled views of the night sky and its many mysteries. While camping in the salt desert, you can experience some of the most memorable stargazing moments. 

6. Spiti Valley


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HolidayIQ Traveller Dr.Shekher says, “In my opinion the best thing to do here is sky gazing at night because you see so many stars that for a person living in big cities, it is a sight which will be remembered forever.”The Kibber Village in Spiti Valley, located at a height of 14000 feet is known as the highest motorable village in the world and the best thing to do here is star gazing. 

7. Tarkarli


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HolidayIQ Traveller Ganesh says, “Tarkarli is non-polluted and peaceful tourist destination. For a proper Konkani experience, everybody visit to Tarkarli. And you can also visit the virgin beaches, mountains and waterfalls near Tarkarli.”Away from the hustle-bustle and pollution of the city, the pristine beach of Tarkarli is a great place to watch the clear night skies. 

8. Hanle


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The latest hotspot for international astronomers is nestled in the western Himalayas. The Indian Astronomical Observatory, sitting at height of 14,800 feet in the village of Hanle in Ladakh, is the world’s highest astronomy observatory. The cloudless skies of the dry cold desert make ‘the eye in the sky’ an excellent site for astronomy.

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  1. For travelers who prefer the extraordinary, this should be at the top of their list, and it will be my goal this year to visit the place and explore what wonders it has to offer for travel buffs like me.

  2. For travelers who prefer the extraordinary, this should be at the top of their list, and it will be my goal this year to visit the place and explore what wonders it has to offer for travel buffs like me.

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