Head to Munsiyari, A Visual Delight and the Trekkers’ Paradise!

Nestled in the snow-capped Himalayas, Munsiyari is a beautiful hill station in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarkhand. The picturesque hamlet is at an elevation of about 7,200 ft. and is a starting point of various treks into the interior of the range. Perched between the borders of India, Tibet and Nepal, this hill town is popular among trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. It is also the base for three glaciers – Namik, Milam and Ralam.

Welcome to the trekker’s paradise

Own Your Adventure

For those who seek an adrenaline rush, the Namik Glacier Trek is a must do.  It is at an altitude of 3600 meters and lies on the ancient Indo-Tibet trade route. Surrounded by the highest peaks of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot and Trishul, this stunning glacier trek is truly a visual delight.

The hieght of Khaliya top is 11500ft and 10 km away from Munsiyari. Picture Courtesy – http://milaminnmunsiyari.com

You could also visit the Khaliya Top, an easy 10 km trek from Munsiyari. First-time trekkers can start with this trek. You will love the splendid view of the great Himalayan ranges. Watch the five peaks – Panchachuli, Hardeol, Rajrambha, Nandakot and Nandadevi from here.

Soak in the view of majestic mountains and beautiful lakes

The majestic Panchchuli Peaks are visible from all the main points of Pithoragarh district. The five peaks lying in the Johar Valley are absolutely captivating. You can enjoy the sight of the lovely sunrise here.

Head to the Birthi Falls for a refreshing experience. The cascading falls is at a height of 126 meters and is surrounded by lush greenery.  You could get here from the Kalamuni Pass. Visit the Kalamuni Temple on the way. It is a temple of Goddess Kali and is at the highest point on the road to the town. While you’re visiting the religious sites, add Nanda Devi Temple to your list. This temple is dedicated to Divinity Nanda or Parvati.

Maheshwari Kund is just a short distance from Munsiyari. This beautiful place has a very enthralling legend attached to it. It is believed that it was cursed by a Yakshi who used to live in a small lake there and has caused the place to face drought for several years.

Thamri Kund is a natural lake and is surrounded by paper trees. Picture Courtesy – http://milaminnmunsiyari.com

Then head to the Thamri Kund, an enchanting natural lake. Surrounded by alpine trees, paper trees, and the Musk Deer, this is the perfect place to enjoy nature’s beauty. You could then head to Darkot village to experience the rich Kumaon culture. Buy the hand woven pashmina shawls from the locals and walk down the streets of this beautiful village.

You could end your trip with the scenic splendour of the Madkot Hot Water Springs that has a healing power to cure diseases.

Experience the local culinary delight

Eat at the small local dhabas in the village that serve delicious Indian and Kumaoni cuisines. Kulka is delicious local delicacy comprising flour and potatoes fried in a local herb called dhungar.

Best time to visit: Apr-Jun, Oct-Nov

How to get here?

You can do a road trip from Delhi, covering a distance of 560 km, which will take you about 15 hours and 45 minutes. Take a self-drive SUV for this hilly ride. An SUV is sturdy and a reliable partner for a hilly drive.

Well, get going! Summer is approaching and it’s time to plan that vacation.

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