Here’s Why Taking a Rental Car Will be the Safest Option for All Your Travel Plans

Till a few months ago, you didn’t think twice before boarding public transport or booking a cab. Nor did you mind traveling with other people, whether in a shared cab or the same metro compartments. But now, the global pandemic Coronavirus has changed the way we live and the way we commute too.

As the risk of Coronavirus is expected to linger on for a long time to come, traveling won’t be the same anymore. Now, you will need to seriously consider questions like how and with whom you choose to travel. Since social distancing will continue to be an essential aspect of prevention, you must figure out a safe means of transport that offers you personal mobility.

Own Your Adventure

Safety is Priority Now

Many of you who do not own a vehicle may have so far relied on public transport, given that it is relatively more economical. When you wanted to travel more comfortably, you booked a cab. However, now, what matters much more than affordability and comfort is safety. Yes, safety and prevention are of an utmost priority now, especially with no cure for Coronavirus insight. That is why, you must choose an option that offers you maximum safety against the risk of contracting the virus.

Rental Car: The Best Solution

Social distancing is the right way to ensure the safety of both your loved ones and yourself, for it minimizes the risk of transmission. And, when you need to practice such distancing during travel, nothing offers the same assurance as a personal vehicle. Buying a car may or may not be feasible, especially during such times of crisis, when disposable incomes are already affected. At such times, what you can avail instead is a self-drive car rental service that will offer you the same benefits of a personal vehicle at a much more affordable price. It means you will get access to a safe and sanitized travel experience every time you need to commute.

We, at Zoomcar, have always endeavored to offer commuters not just with private driving experience, but also one where they have no worries lurking in their mind. And now that safety has become the most critical aspect of traveling, we aim to support all those who need personal mobility solutions. We provide everything from one-way car rentals to weekly or monthly subscriptions, depending on the needs of commuters. If you require a vehicle only for short trips, occasionally, then you can make online car booking just before taking the trip.

Benefits of a Self-Drive Car Rental

  1. No Contact With Driver

Zoomcar offers self-driven vehicles on rent, meaning you will not come in contact with any drivers. It will ensure that there is no transmission through meeting or exchange of currency with them. You book the car online and make the payment digitally.

  1. Arrives Quickly

The rental vehicle will be delivered to your doorstep within 30 minutes, just like a cab, only that it will be safer for you. So, easily book a rental car and drive to your destination without any safety concerns.

  1. Sanitized After Every Use

All our rental cars are thoroughly sanitized after every use to ensure the safety of the next renter. It means when you sit in the rented car and enjoy the benefits of a private car, you can very well be sure of your loved ones’ and your own safety.

  1. Suitable for Different Travel Plans

Whether you want to commute to the office, travel back to your family, or want to make that emergency visit to the hospital, a rental car will ensure that you never compromise on safety. We offer self-drive car rental services for different durations and provide all kinds of cars, including hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs. So, whatever be your requirement, you can rely on a rental car for a safe and secure travel experience.

Choose A Rental Car and Travel Safe

A rental car ensures that you are not vulnerable to virus transmission when you travel by helping you practice social distancing. Also, all our Zoomcars are insured, which means that you will also remain secure against unforeseen incidents enroute on your trip. Keeping up with the times, switch to self-drive car rental service, and travel privately and safely to beat Coronavirus and other contagious infections.

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