The launch of the self-drive horse, led to some customer questions you wont believe

We launched a self-drive horse earlier this week. You will not believe the kind of questions we received from customers. Some of these questions were truly hilarious and we could not stop ourselves from sharing it with you along with our responses to them.

Does Dhanno come equipped with keyless entry?

Own Your Adventure

Unfortunately, keyless entry is not activated for Dhanno as of yet. It is the only vehicle where we suggest that you stay on top throughout the ride.

What are the damage charges in this case? Will they be physical or emotional charges?

The existential crisis that the horse goes through after carrying some off our customers is also a kind of damage.

Is Dhanno available with a chauffeur?

Well, not if you want to sit on the horse as well.

If I feed the horse, will I get reimbursed?

Sure you can get it reimbursed. All you need to bring along is the bill signed by the horse.

Do you have a start checklist for the horse as well?

We don’t but you really need to check what you are doing with your life, if your idea of a fun weekend is to drive a horse from a self-drive car rental company and ask random questions on their helpline.

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