Hire A Self Drive Car In Pune And Enjoy Your Vacation As You Planned

If you are in Pune on a vacation, then you will always fall short of time. The city offers a large number of things to do and places to see, and no matter how much time you spend here, you will always wish that you had some more when it is time for you to leave. Pune is full of attractions, and if you are planning to be here solely for vacation, then a good option to see “Maximum Pune” is by hiring a self drive car. Self drive rental cars offer a number of advantages to the Pune vacationer, with some important ones being:

Leisure: The best part about hiring a self drive car is that it lets your vacation be a vacation rather than being converted into a hectic rush of catch and release that is no better than a day at the office. You can enjoy your vacation at a leisurely pace when you are the master of your own journeys and travels in a self driven car. You can wake up as and when you please, and spend the day in a relaxed manner since there are no trains to catch and no buses to meet. So with a self driven car, you get the most important commodity that you need on a vacation—peace of mind.

Own Your Adventure

Convenience: When you are vacationing with family, especially old parents or small children, then the convenience of starting and stopping as and when you please becomes almost priceless. If the parents get tired, or the kids get cranky, then you have the option of starting late or returning early from an attraction rather than being bound by train or bus time tables.

Accessibility: Many of Pune’s best attractions are not serviced by public transport. As a result of this, even taxis for such places are not easily available, or very affordable. This is especially true if you are planning to visit the wildlife sanctuaries, forts or one of Pune’’s other attractions that lie just outside the city lines. Having a self drive rental means that you can check out even less serviced destinations with the freedom that comes from having your own four wheels.

Serendipity: When you have a steering wheel in your hand, you are the master of your journey. Often, with public transport or taxis, we fail to enjoy the journey as much as we should, forgetting that the journey is just as important as the destination. With a self drive rental car, you can stop and go on the way as you please, relax with a chilled drink in your hand, or stop at local eateries for sumptuous food. Being in control of the journey is also better if you have photography on the agenda, since public or hired transport will not stop as and when you feel the need to capture a certain scene. But with a self drive, you can pause and play as you please, and who knows what you might discover as you travel around Pune as a master of the roads.


So the next time you are on vacation in Pune, check out the city’s pioneering self drive car rental Zoomcar pune. Zoomcar has cars that cater to all kinds of needs. Rent a Ford Figo or a Honda Amaze for city driving; go in a Honda City for a business meeting. Choose to impress your special someone in a Mercedes A Class. And take to the road with friends or family with an SUV like the Ecosport, XUV 500, Scorpio or a Safari. Prices start from Rs.60 an hour and all Zoomcars come with the following:- All-inclusive tariff which includes fuel, comprehensive insurance and taxes.
– A 3G enabled tablet, which makes navigation a breeze.

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