1.     User has to enter HIQZOOM as promo code before submitting a video review on HolidayIQ app.

2.     Video Review should be submitted within 3 months of receiving the HIQ code in the booking confirmation email.

3.     Once the Video Review is approved, a new Zoomcar coupon code will be sent to user via email.

4.     The Zoomcar coupon code can be used while booking the next trip with Zoomcar

5.     The validity of Zoomcar coupon code will be 6 months, post approval of the Video Review

6.     The offer is valid only for Approved Hotel Video Reviews

7.     Multiple HIQ coupon codes cannot be applied for one Video Review.

8.     One HIQ coupon code can be used 15 times for 15 different Video Reviews. However, the combination of Hotel & Device ID should be unique for all Video Reviews i.e. if two Video Reviews of a same hotel are uploaded by the same device, only 1st Video Review will be considered for Zoomcar Coupon Code

9.     If HIQZOOM is used by different users, each user will get a separate Zoomcar coupon code, via email, post approval of the Video Review. The combination of Hotel and Device ID has to be unique

10.  Only one Zoomcar coupon code can be used while booking the next trip on Zoomcar platforms

11.  HolidayIQ reserves the right to change, amend, extend, withdraw and/or alter any of the terms, conditions and offer at any time without any prior notice, without giving any reasons

12.  Disputes, if any, will be subject to Indian laws and shall be exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts in Bangalore

13.  The decision of HolidayIQ and Zoomcar will be final and binding on all participants and is non – contestable

14.  The offer is optional and members of HolidayIQ can contribute Video Reviews even without availing the offer

15.  The offer is subject to your Video Review being approved by HolidayIQ. Your Video Review contribution will be subject to regular HolidayIQ review guidelines.

16. The Zoomcar credits will be provided to customers within 3 working days post approval of video review

17. All standard Zoomcar Terms and Conditions apply


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