Iconic Cafés You Can’t Miss When You Visit These Hill Stations

When you are at a hill station, the weather makes you want to indulge in the nice cup of chai or even coffee. Sipping on something to keep you warm along with some yummy snacks will make your day! Move over Coffee Day and Barista, these are our picks of cafes you must visit.

Seed Cafe

This cafe is one of the best places for food in McLeod Ganj, in the beautiful suburb of Dharamshala.

Own Your Adventure


This wonderful cafe boasts of good food and scenic views as well.




You can spend a relaxed and peaceful evening at this cafe, enjoying every moment. In the evenings, the quiet little cafe turns into a space for open mic nights and live music. At the Seed Cafe, they serve some of the most delicious food in town. And also is considered one of the most romantic cafes in the city.


Namgyal Cafe

Calling out to all nature lovers, on your next trip to Dharamsala, don’t forget to visit Namgyal Cafe.


The scenic view of the green hills of Dharamsala should not be missed.


Namgyal Cafe is best known for its pizzas. Yes, their pizzas are very popular since they are wood fire baked, thin and large in size. Their most popular pizzas are: Vegetarian, Walnut Cheese, Eggplant and Spinach.


They also serve waffles, pancakes, pastas and a whole lot of baked goodies, although it’s a little secluded and difficult to find, but is worth a visit.


Drifter’s Cafe

Situated in Old Manali, it’s sure to lure you in with the amazing food and great ambiance.


The walls of this quintessential cafe in the hills has its walls plastered with posters of rock bands and rock stars. The background music will always be soft rock from singers like Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, Bono and the likes.



Drifter’s is very popular among the local and tourist crowds. They are famous for their American and Continental food.



Love Trout? Then you’re going to love their signature dish, Pan Grilled Trout.


Cafe By The Way

cafe-by-the-way (1)_opt

Situated on Mall Road, Mussoorie, this is the place where you can meet friends, indulge in conversations, meet musicians, poets, bikers and gamers alike.



The cafe is known for their Oreo Milkshake and steaming hot momos.



The decor of the cafe is vibrantly different from regular cafes. Stacked on a wall in the cafe are Polaroid cameras and on the opposite side, you have large leather couches that you can sink right into. The furniture is wooden and wrought iron, and at the bar counter in the cafe are resting stools that will immediately catch your eye. They have the back seats of old Vespas gracing their counter!


Willy’s Coffee Pub

Located in one of the by-lanes of Charring Cross in Ooty.


This cafe is a place where you can gorge on some yummy food that won’t cost the Earth. The cafe is a place for friends, tourists and even families.


willy-s-coffee-pub (1)_opt

You can indulge in board games, and if you’re alone, you can join the international students that flock this cafe. If you’re the type who would rather enjoy your cuppa joe and a book than play board games, you’re in luck.


The cafe doubles as a lending library as well, aptly called the “The Bookworm Lending Library”.


While Zooming to any of these hill stations, how about dropping by at one of these places?

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