Important Policy Update

Since inception, customer experience has always remained our absolute highest priority. As part of this ongoing journey, we continuously strive to improve every pickup and drop experience with a Zoomcar.

In an effort to bring Zoomcar even closer to you, we have dramatically increased our parking sites across our cities. Some of these locations will look a bit different from the sites you might have picked from earlier. In these new locations, your Zoomcar might be parked in smaller lots or even on one of the by-lanes in your local neighborhood. Despite the slightly different pickup/drop location, please rest assured that the process to self-drive will remain exactly the same. Just as before, the precise GPS coordinates of your Zoomcar will be communicated before the start of your booking.

Own Your Adventure

You might find some of these new neighbourhood sites unmanned when you visit to retrieve your Zoomcar. This is intentional as we’ve redeployed our keyless entry solution that we first unveiled back in 2015. With keyless entry, the entire unlock/lock process plus the vehicle start and end checklist can be fully handled conveniently from the Zoomcar app. You don’t have to wait for Zoomcar personnel anymore.

As we continue to rollout these new processes in the weeks and months ahead, we’re quite confident that we will make the self-drive experience even smoother and more convenient.

We look forward to seeing you self-drive with us again soon!

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