Midnight Hangouts In Bangalore

After Bangalore had the rule passed by the government to shut at 11.30 pm, yes 11.30 pm was early. A lot of places went under, shut shop never to return. However, now with the rule being that at least the weekends they can remain open up to 1.30 am people of this beautiful city have some sort of relief, don’t you agree! But for some time now, there have been places that stay open (even passed this deadline) to provide the people of this city a yummy snack to eat or something to drink. Some of these midnight hangouts in Bangalore are in the city and some on the outskirts. So, here’s our list of the places you can zoom to during the late hours of the night.

Rasta Cafe

If you like to drive and then stop for a snack and something yummy to drink as well, why not head over to Rasta Cafe. Located on the Bangalore-Mysore highway this is an amazing place to be at night! The perfect hangout spot to just chill with your friends, play a game of pool or snooker, have a friendly match of UNO and even play with the PlayStation and XBox at the cool cafe. What more can you ask for? Oh ya, good food and yummy delicious non-alcoholic drinks.

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Devanahalli Airport Road

If you have a great group of friends who love to go out on night drives and enjoy the roads with no traffic, this is one of the best roads to be on. The sight of the road in the night is really heavenly. On either side, you will find chaiwallahs and many dhabas where you get delicious food and drinks as well (alcoholic ones; but do remember to draw straws and drive safe).

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Roadside Eateries near KC General Hospital

Don’t worry we’re not asking you to go to the hospital and eat the food! The roadside eateries near the KC General Hospital serve up some yummy and delicious and clean food! Don’t worry about the hygiene here, take our word for it, we’ve never steered you wrong have we? Tasty tatte (plate shaped) idly, vada and chitranna (masala rice) are yummy, do give it a try!

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Richie Rich

Known for it’s rich creamy Vanilla softy and other amazing array of ice creams, yummy delicious snacks Richie Rich is sure to get your taste buds tingling. Service is open here till at least 12.30 am on regular days and longer on weekends. Their rich thick shakes, chat, and yummy rich tava pulao is a must-have here. The cherry on the top is literally the cherry-topped ice creams. Choose any of their yummy ice creams – suggestions will be Elvis Presley, Cake Fudge, and Chocolate Dip cone! Oh ya, they provide car service too! What can get better than that?

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Hotel Empire

The best place to grab a bite after you have finished dancing the night away. Three things you must have on your table, Ghee Rice, Butter Chicken full or half depending on the size of your group and your appetite of course! and last but not least the yummy oil-fry Chicken Kabab! Veggies, not to worry they have loads on the menu for you too! The Dosa and Chicken curry is another must-have, but that sells out pretty quick so highly doubtful chances of getting it, unless you go there early enough. By the way, they also have a branch in Dubai! Yup, it’s called, want to venture a guess? Haha, you’re right it’s called Bangalore Empire.

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So, on your next late night out, which of these midnight hangouts in Bangalore will you Zoom to?

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  1. Hello Zoomcar.
    A very informative articles for those of us who like to go out a night. I would request you to add one more place to you list.
    Brewsky, JP Nagar
    Its a awesome place to visit open till 1 AM.

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