Midnight Hangouts In Chennai

When your stomach starts to rumble, you need food! The time doesn’t matter, you can feel hungry at any part of the day or night, can’t you? That’s why you need to have places to go and hang out late at night and grab that bite to eat. So, that’s why we have a list of midnight hangouts in Chennai for you to zoom to and fill those empty tummies.

Nightu Foodie

This place is for those midnight cravings that you can have and is open from 7 pm to 4 am in the morning serving up some yummy things to eat. Although the have no seating available this is still on top of our list for you to zoom to. It’s the perfect hunger solution for sleepover nights with friends, hunger pangs that strike around the ungodly hours of the day, unexpected guests landing up and so on.

Own Your Adventure
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If you want food past your bed time this is the place. When here you must try their chicken club sandwich and the egg biryani. It is simply superb! The menu is filled with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, that are good quality and tasty dishes.

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Leather Bar

Situated in The Park, this place has excellent music, brilliant ambiance, and yummy food! What more could you ask for? The place being in a star hotel will be expensive than the regular places, but let’s face it when you get to hang out here it does come at a price.

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Midnight Express

Located on TTK Road, this place has a small and traditional menu. They serve up the best for Mutton and Nalli Kulambu you can ever eat. Their service is prompt, and they love repeat customers. Their Kothu parotta is also something you must try.

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So the next time you’re hungry past midnight, you know where to zoom off too!

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