Experience the Magic of an Indian Monsoon

The charm and mysticism associated with monsoons compel one to make travel plans to nearby locations as the travel bug pushes one to explore the glorious surroundings. India is blessed to have the finest of landscapes with enthralling views and mindboggling backdrops. Monsoon brings out its true colours and revitalises every nook and corner of the beautiful country that India is, be it the East, West, North or South. Taking off in a self-drive car is the perfect way to explore it.

East India

  • Mukutmanipur:

Two rivers Kumari and Kansabati meet at this amazing place that is surrounded by lush green forests, hills and landscapes designed to take one’s breath away. Boating, trekking and bird-watching are a few highly recommended activities here.

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  • Mandarmani:

Located about 170 kilometres away from Kolkata, Mandarmani houses one of the longest beaches in India. Monsoon is the perfect time to relax in this beautiful getaway as pounding waves, and powerful winds make great company.


  • Jhargram:

Contrary to other places, Jhargram, located at the West-Bengal Jharkhand border, turns into a paradise as the trees turn green and flowers bloom. Ketki Falls is a sight to behold during monsoons and a must-visit during the trip.


  • Bakkhali:

This calm and serene beach town is located in the south of West Bengal and gives one the chance to relax and become one with nature. As the rains wash the beachfront clean, one can chase the red fiddler crabs that abound the shoreline.


West India

  • Mahabaleshwar:

If cool breeze, swirling fog and a green carpet on the earth is one’s idea of a relaxing holiday, then Mahabaleshwar is the place to spend the monsoon in. The roads can be a bit tricky at this time of the year, but a well maintained self-drive can easily take you to your destination.


  • Lonavala:

This beautiful hill station is tantalisingly close to both Mumbai and Pune and is dotted with hundreds of large and small waterfalls during monsoon. The Sahyadri comes alive with greenery and is a joy to behold.


  • Rann of Kutch:

Located close to the Indo-Pak border, the wide expanse of white sand of the Rann of Kutch stretches as far as the eye goes. What is baked in the hot sun during summer, gets completely submerged in water, making it one of the best monsoon destinations in India.

rann of kutch

  • Goa:

Counted amongst the most beautiful beach towns of the world, Goa is a sight to behold during rains as the rain-washed beaches, roads and churches are transformed completely. Driving to Goa is a rewarding experience with well-maintained roads and panoramic views along the way.


North India

  • Nangal Wetlands:

The Bhakra Dam that’s built on the Sutlej River gives rise to the Nangal Wetlands which is nestled between the hills and is quite a sight during monsoons. More than 40000 migratory birds make this their home during this season.

Nangal wetlands

  • Fagu:

This is one of the lesser known hill stations in Himachal Pradesh and is packed with apple orchards and flower valleys. One must visit the Banthia Devta temple for its intricate wooden carvings when in Fagu.


  • Phalodi:

This exotic location is full of salt lakes and sand dunes, but the monsoon covers it with greens and browns, and brings Kurja or Crane, a migratory bird as soon as rains hit the parched earth.


South India

  • Kumarakom:

This Kerala delight comes alive during the plentiful rains it experiences, and one should experience the verdant landscapes and the largest freshwater lake, Vembanad Lake in all its glory. Bird-watching is something which must be on your to-do list here.


  • Wayanad:

Experience Monsoon tourism at its best as this beautiful hill station set 75 kilometres away from Kozhikode. As the rains bless it, it becomes home to tourists, trekkers and honeymooners. Cold winds and green plantations are a wonderful combination and are the right recipe for a wondrous holiday.


  • Kanyakumari:

This one of the first places to experience rainfall and it is an enthralling sight as one is surrounded by the sea from three sides with rains descending from the heavens. Vivekananda Rock Memorial is awash with sheets of rain, and so is the massive Thiruvalluvar stone statue.


The Monsoons come as a breath of life after the long dry Indian summer and are welcomed with a flurry of festivals across the country. Take advantage of the many short vacations your work calendar offers, to drive to one of the many enticing monsoon destinations to relax and rejuvenate.

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