Never Stop Living – Our new brand line

From the very beginning, Zoomcar has always been about creating experiences.  The very idea of driving yourself in India represents a stark departure from the traditional car and driver model that had dominated the country for so many years.  Whether individuals are using our cars to roam around the city or visit some far-off outstation destination, memories are always made with each booking.  Over the years, I’ve received countless appreciation notes from customers who explicitly call out the efforts that Zoomcar consistently makes to help facilitate these memories. As a customer facing brand, nothing could feel any better.


Own Your Adventure

Over the course of nearly 10 lakh bookings since inception in 2013, Zoomcar has empowered Indians to spend valuable time with the people they care most about in their lives.  As we move forward to serve our next 10 lakh bookings, the Zoomcar team felt it appropriate to redefine our brand identity to better capture this clear reality.  With this in mind, I’m pleased to introduce today our new brand line of “Never Stop Living.”

Above all, this new brand line represents Zoomcar’s commitment to you, the customer.  From day one, we’ve always put customer experience first whether it related to booking process, car pickup, or on-call support.  I can promise that this commitment will only intensify in the weeks and months ahead, thereby creating an even more seamless self-drive experience.

“Never Stop Living” was designed as a rallying cry for our customers to keep pushing the envelope as it comes to different experiences.  At Zoomcar, we firmly believe this will help expand the mindset of our customers, thereby creating a more balanced, happy life.  Our cars go to the farthest ends of the country on a weekly basis and we couldn’t be happier.  We want to always keep facilitating this exploration, learning, and adventure.  That’s why we would like our self-drive champions to “Never Stop Living.”

Keep Zoomin’,

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