Places worth visiting in India

Give Wheels To Your Weekend

The hectic work schedule in the week calls for exciting long trips on weekends to bring some respite and joy to life. Zoomcar to your rescue. Self-drive cars help you enjoy the drive with your friends or family to make things more interesting. You get to drive the way you want, stop where you want, do what you want without restrictions.

Places worth the visit

Bangalore – Bandipur forest trip

This 220 km long road trip takes you through forests where you can even find deers on the road. The surrounding greenery is a treat for the eyes. October to March is the best time to take this trip.

Own Your Adventure

Delhi – Shimla trip

The Delhi-Shimla stretch is not a smooth road, but if you love hilly terrains and adventurous rides, you shouldn’t miss this one. The sharp turns and steep roads require an experienced driver to cover the route safely. March to June is the best time for this trip.

Manali – Leh highway trip

Tranquility in vision, this highway stretch is in excellent condition, and hence you can have a fantastic road trip any time during the summer season. The best time for the trip is from July to mid-October when you can enjoy picturesque views.

Shimla – Manali trip through Mandi

While starting from Shimla, you can see River Beas for an extended part of the journey. Soak your feet in the cold river for some peaceful moments. March to June is the best time for this trip.

Guwahati – Tawang trip

This is suitable for you if you are looking for a thrill-filled yet beautiful drive. It offers a picturesque landscape where you can halt and take some rest. March to June or September to October is the best time for the trip.

Road trips to destinations mentioned above will rejuvenate you for the coming week. The beautiful sights at the destinations and during the journey on the long drive roads can easily help you beat the stress. Besides this, the best trip cars by Zoomcar can make your long drive enjoyable and memorable by ensuring complete control, privacy, and freedom.


  • Which is an exciting road trip destination in the northeast in the summers?

The Guwahati-Tawang road trip is perfect for a long drive in the northeast during the summers as it has roads blocked by snow in winters.

  • Is it safe to go for a Zoomcar for a long drive?

Yes, you can get cars of your choice for self-driving at Zoomcar – the largest car sharing platform – and enjoy your long drive with your friends or family.

  • How long is the Manali-Leh highway trip?

This trip covers a distance of 479 km. You would need around two days to reach the destination, which is why the trip is recommended for long weekends so you can stop midway and rest.

  • Does Zoomcar offer vehicles that are terrain friendly?

Yes, you can opt for terrain-friendly vehicles from the Zoomcar platform to make any journey a pleasant experience.

  • How long does the Shimla-Manali trip take by road?

Since the stretch is almost 250 km, you will need around 4-5 hours to reach the destination.

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