Ramadan Delicacies – Bangalore

Ramadan the month of both fasting and feasting is here! While our Muslim buddies are fasting throughout the day, we are all prepping our tummies to be filled with the yummy Iftar snacks. After the evening prayers that are offered, the stalls, shops, restaurants, open their doors to people of all castes and creeds to partake in iftar! Bangalore has a healthy population of Muslims, making an iftar party a city-wide one, making it the party to not miss! Warning! get those tissues out to stop your drooling before you read further. This is our must-do iftar places you should be eating at today and throughout the month of Ramadan.

Among the umpteen food stalls that pop-up in and around Bangalore, sometimes we can’t decide where or what to eat, we are spoilt for choice. Biryani? Haleem? Sizzling Sheekhs? OMG! This yearly food fiesta and meat festival will make sure you put on a kilo or two.

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Catering to those in the South of Bangalore, Koramangala has a wide range of stalls serving everything from entrees, mains, and desserts! Ok, get ready to bring out the loose tracks with elastic on the waist, you will need it! For sure! The stalls have delicacies from Bheja Fry, Liver Fry, Seafood barbecued! You do not want to miss this at any cost! The must-try here is the Seafood. 

Drool Alert!




The go to place for all people of Bangalore from time immemorial is Shivajinagar. With the heavy Muslim population, it’s but obvious that this is THE place for iftar in the city. The yummy in your tummy kebabs are available here! And if you’re adventurous, then trying of different meats as well, Shivajinagar is known for camel meat being served during Ramadan. It is a must-try, just get over the mental block and try it. Another must try is the oil fry onion and kheema samosas! Just head over to Russell Street (road in front of the market), and also try the stalls in and around Shivajinagar.




Tilak Nagar also, lights up with small little stalls that provide the people of the area with delectable biryanis and kebabs. The area is obviously less crowded than the other places we just spoke about! A must-try is the Ox tongue fry! If you thought camel was pushing it, this is way more than that isn’t it? But, we would steer you the wrong way now would we? Come on just try it and you’ll thank us later!




Well, do we need to say anything about this place? This is one of the best and biggest iftar food festivals, it’s also been featured internationally as well. Friends from across the country, and even internationally will want to go here. The traffic is mad here, so best to park away and walk! That’s a good thing build an appetite, and digest a bit on your walk back as well. The stalls that will be open until the wee hours of the morning, best to wear comfy shoes. Must-try here, DUH! EVERYTHING! On Mosque and MM Road.





Also, a must-stop-by-at is Albert Bakery, go there you’ll know why it’s recommended.



Last but certainly not least, is Johnson Market. Again with the heavy Muslim population the delectable kebabs are a must try. The Sheekh rolls available at Fanoos is a DON’T MISS you’ll regret it flavor! The time of Ramadan sees many new stalls springing up selling all meats, mutton, chicken  and of course, beef as well. Must-try every sort of Kebab! All around the market the stalls will be placed.

Newab bhai kebabwala

johnson street



So, Zooming to these places now, hoping to see you there!



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