Ramzan Delicacies In Hyderabad

The holy month of Ramzan is here, a month of prayers and fasting by Muslims all over the globe! This time is to get closer to god and practice his teachings. People from all walks of faith love this time of the year, as it is a month of rare, delicious and exquisite dishes for everyone to indulge in. Here’s our list of must-eat places in Hyderabad this Ramzan.

1. Charminar Food Stalls

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The Charminar food stalls are the perfect place to start with if you want to have the best kebabs in town. The place is also known for its succulent pather ka ghosht and delicious parathas. It would be better to reach before time as it gets very crowded and you tend to get lost in the crowd.

2. Toli Chowki Sehri

Toli Chowki Sehri Special

Shah Ghouse is the city’s most favorite place for Irani chai. During the time of Ramzan it becomes one of the most favored locations in Hyderabad for haleem, keema etc. Toli Chowki is also known for its khichidi and khatta which are special delicacies prepared during Ramzan.

3.  Pathergatti Sheran

 Pathergatti Sheran

Parathas, spicy chutneys and tasty Kababs await you at Pathergatti Sheran.  A lot of people gather for mouthwatering midnight meals that are well known in the busy streets of Sheran. It is the best place to head to if you have missed on your dinner and it is late in the night.

4. Hyline Cafe

Hyline Cafe

If you are a fan of haleem then the Hyline Cafe is a must visit place during the holy month. They make one of the most aromatic and tasty haleem which is sure to make you a regular customer once you tried it.

5. Barkas

 Barkas Chicken-Mandi

If you feel you have had your fill of biriyani then head over to Barkas to have the most delicious authentic Saudi flavored Mandi. It is located a little ahead of the old city in Chandrayangutta.

6. Yousuf Tekri Food Court


Do you prefer Arabian cuisine over others? then Yousuf Tekri Food Court is the place to visit. The Shawarma platter at Ice and Spice with authentic sauces is just to die for. The other Arabian dishes like the mandi and the  biriyani here are unparalleled in taste.

So now that you know where to break your Iftar, start Zooming.

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