Ramzan Delicacies in Mumbai

The holy month of Ramadan is already here and Muslims around the world will spend their daylight hours observing complete fast. When the sun sets and after the evening prayers are offered it is time for people to break the fast with some delicious food. Mumbai  is one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in India and during Ramadan, you will find many places here decorated with lights and offering some of the mouth-watering and lip-smacking food and drinks that can tempt your hungry stomach.

Minara Masjid on Muhammad Ali Road

During the month of Ramadan, Mohammed Ali Road transforms into a huge sea of shops and stalls that offer a wide range of food items that suits every pocket. If you are somewhere in South Mumbai and desperately hungry for some great Islamic cuisine then Mohammed Ali Road is your top destination this Iftar. But when you go to Minara Masjid, there’s a certain fun in tucking into a plate of kheeri kebab and malpua while being pushed and shoved.
Minara Masjid

Chinese And Grill

You can find some great food near the Minara Masjid that pulls a huge crowd. This restaurant has some mouth-watering food items like tandoori chicken, shawarmas and chicken tikkas for you. If you want to enjoy the Nalli Nihari or the Chicken Tikka, make sure you are outside Chinese and Grill when it opens at 8.30pm.

Chinese and Grill

Own Your Adventure

Nagdevi Street

At Nagdevi Street, look out for Bara Handi that can offer you with the best food that you can get here. Haleem fans look out for stalls that serve the some mouth-watering paya and haleem. The food fiesta is incomplete without a little sweet for the tooth and not eating Malpuas when you’re here is considered a crime. So when you are done you’re
your food, why not head straight to Badri Sweet Mart and taste the best Malpuas that you will ever have?
Nagdevi Street


How can one forget about one of the most famous restaurants in Mumbai? This restaurant was established in 1946 and it still continues to deliver mouth-watering lip-smacking and luscious food! If you’re an adventurous eater, you must try the Zuban Fry (Goat tongue) here at Bademiya near the Minara Masjid Gate. The chicken tandoori here have been leaving drool marks all over the table (Metaphorically!).


Al-Madina Fast Food

At Al-Madina, trying the sheekh kebabs, minced meat grilled on skewers is a must. They come with warm pav, a sourdough bun, and mint leaves. It will leave a lingering taste on your palate and also on your mind.


Nawab Bhai Kebabwala

This small food stall tucked away near Jogeshwari Station serves yummy kebabs marinated and grilled over charcoal and paranthas. Definitely worth trying are their seekh kebab served with mint chutney and tava parantha.

Newab bhai kebabwala

Taj Ice Cream

Taj Ice Cream has been in Mumbai since 1940. And the ice cream here is the Indian version of a “happy ending” for your iftar binge. While it does have the usual varieties like strawberry and mango. These hand-churned ice creams, also include their original flavors like “sitafal” or custard apple ice cream.
Taj Ice Cream
Self-drive to devour these foods this iftar!

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