Strengthening the Community Bond

Since Zoomcar’s inception, the customer experience has always remained our absolute highest priority. Self-drive car rental is about offering a hyper-local, neighborhood-based service that’s conveniently accessible to the community so that you can access a car at any time and at any place. One fundamental part of delivering a consistent experience is the ability to deliver a car in the absolute best shape possible to every single customer. It is the ability to consistently provide uniformity that puts the community at ease when renting out a vehicle from Zoomcar.

As we’ve scaled in recent months, we’ve seen the self-drive community really expand exponentially. We’ve launched into new markets and we’ve also expanded our footprint significantly in all our initial markets as well. Along with this growth, we’ve seen an even more diverse set of customers use our vehicles. Overall, this is a tremendous development because it means that self-drive has really become a permanent part of India’s urban mobility landscape.

Own Your Adventure

Along with this huge uptick in demand for self-drive, certain challenges have emerged. With this vast demand, we’ve witnessed that the time between customer bookings is becoming shorter and shorter. As many know, we inherently keep a buffer between bookings to ensure the car is in optimal condition when it’s handed over to the next customer. Unfortunately, in recent months we’ve seen a considerable spike in our accident rates, thereby impacting our ability to consistently serve the next booking in all cases. This is the most painful development possible because when we accept a booking we’re making a firm commitment to always deliver a remarkable self-drive experience. Either handing over a car late to a customer or even canceling a booking in certain rare instances is the most painful experience imaginable from our perspective.

To help mitigate this inherent customer experience challenge, Zoomcar has revised our maximum damage fee charges, effective immediately. From today, our maximum damage fee is now Rs 10,000. Please note that the security deposit will remain Rs 5,000 and our baseline tariffs will remain unchanged so self-drive certainly remains as accessible as ever. Our super powerful, comprehensive insurance policy and 24×7 roadside assistance remains fully intact, thereby giving you the full peace of mind when you’re out Zooming.

We’re confident that this policy revision will help strengthen the self-drive community even further in the weeks and months ahead.

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