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At Zoomcar, we know that time is money. In today’s world, time is absolutely the scarcest of commodities and as a company, we do everything in our power to maximize it for all our customers. Zoomcar has a long track record of implementing policies and processes to help save the customer time.

Back in 2014, we were the first company to introduce a key-less entry option that allowed customers to use their phones to start and end a booking. With a simple tap on the phone, the door would unlock, leading the customer to find the key securely placed in the glove box. With a simple checklist on the app, it was just a few simple taps to start Zooming! Short, sweet, and simple…….exactly how we like it. No requirements for arbitrary paper forms or unnecessary manned interventions to hand over the car.

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From our calculations, this process initially saved our members approximately 20 minutes per booking when factoring in both pickup and dropoff! Since our average customer used our service 4 times per year, this meant that our customers could save 1 hr 20 min over the course of the year! Just think of all someone could accomplish in that time…….we felt fabulous giving that time back to the customer. Unfortunately, this keyless entry option largely went away last year as we looked to dramatically improve the core hardware that was enabling this experience. As a company, we simply didn’t want to sacrifice on reliability and the overall customer experience. Fast-forward to today and we’re just now about ready to redeploy our keyless entry magic. Think of this as the 2.0 version: better, faster, and more reliable than before. The opportunity to save even more time at the beginning and end of a booking will shortly be a reality again. More than the time even, we’re very confident that we can offer an even more consistent experience in terms of top-notch car condition and cleanliness (equally critical parameters for the community). - SuggestionBox

While the reintroduction of keyless entry is certainly one area to help save time, we’re also taking dramatic steps to improve the core timeliness around having the car ready when a customer reaches a site or when it’s delivered to a location. Some of these under the hood changes are directly tied to inventory management. By creating effectively buffer than our current 5%, we believe that we will be better prepared to handle late customers as well as situations where the prior car either meets with an accident or suffers an unfortunate breakdown.

We know that above all, it’s these scenarios that leave the sourest taste in the customer’s mouth. Trust us, we know more than anyone that the Indian roads can be a bit rough and tumble at times. To help counter this phenomenon, we’ve recently increased our over-speeding and our late charges in order to help promote more responsible behavior across the entire community. The early signs are positive and we’re confident that these “sticks” will motivate individuals to think more about the broader community of self-drive users when they’re making a poor decision. This will help reduce the overall incident levels and will put us in an even stronger position to live up to our timeliness mantra.

At this point, I wanted to formally open it up to you the customer to get your perspectives on how we can further improve with respect to serving bookings in an even more timely fashion. We can always improve and together, we’re confident we can create an even more seamless self-drive experience!

With Ford’s recent investment into Zoomcar, our number one priority will be to create the most seamless, frictionless, user-friendly self-drive experience on the planet. Giving more time back to the customer is just a part of this larger obsession.

Thanks in advance for the thoughts.

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To participate send us your suggestions on how to improve our timeliness Help us up our game & 2 lucky winners get to Zoom in a Mercedes for a whole day. Mail us your entries at For T&C refer:

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  1. 1)By adding the remaining kilometers of the last trips on the next 5th or 10th trip.

    2)surprises on every 10th trip like
    free extension ,extra kilometers.
    3)rewarding customers on early return or punctual return for 10 consecutive trips.
    4) moonroof/sunroof of cars should be in working condition.
    5) the cars should be have different colors .

  2. Please start “Zoom with your Pet” because I am pet lover and I have a Labrador Retriever and I am sure many agree with this idea. We treat our pets like our kids and hence cleanliness will be our utmost priority for your Zoom Cars 🙂 … give it a trial !

  3. I would like to hire a self drive car for 7 people from Pune for the period of 4/1//16 to 9/11/16.
    Please leave a number, I have been trying to ask certain queries since last week. There is no response. my queries are:

    1) Will the vehicle have luggage Carrier (This is my prime requirement)
    2) Will the cost be including fuel / excluding fuel?
    3) Will the vehicle be Taxi passing or private?
    4) Is there any per day Km limit? if that is, how much?

    There is no response from your team for my emails. I do not get why there is no number on your website to contact.

  4. Dear Zoomcar,

    I have got a pathetic experience with your company, which I would like to share. I was willing to book a car for 7 people for the period of 4/11/16 to 9/11/16. I posted the queries regarding the vehicle twice to your contact us link there was no response. I needed a luggage carrier on vehicle which was mentioned as prime requirement in every email.

    There was no response, hence I posted my concern on this blog on 26/9/2016. I was responded with a helpline number. Now I do not understand why does a customer have to dig this much just to get a number. Is a customer not important to you? Who keeps help email addresses and helpline numbers this secret?

    I contacted to call centre and with 2 tries I was able to get through to your agent. I was informed that first I need to book the vehicle and with booking number I need to send an email. They will approve the carrier and I will be able to avail the car with Carrier.

    Hence, I paid full amount (11040/-) and confirmed my booking (JPS6VSXLV). Sent an email as directed, to which I was responded that due to unavailability they can not provide carrier. Are you serious? don’t you think this information should be given to customer prior taking payment? Why are your processes so strict and confidential?

    I contacted the call centre and was able to talk to “Jeniffer” in shift. She was helpful and tried if she can arrange for a carrier. Now what I don’t get is, what is so challenging in this? If I am booking 1.5 months prior, can’t you install one carrier in a car. If you say that your cars don’t have carriers, how do you give a rate of 5 rs/hr? If a customer is ready to pay this amount, what is a big challenge in making a car with carrier in 1.5 months? or atleat preserving a carrier and installing it prior to my booking starts?

    However, based on Jeniffer’s call I had to tell her to cancel my booking as your company was not able to provide carrier. I was told that I would recieve the refund in 24 hours, which is a good part. I need to make another booking. I recieve an email for cancellation confirmation, 2 hours after I receive an email that your refund is processed and there is no refund to process.

    I am shocked!!! how is this possible, I call the call center again, they assure me that I will be refunded with the amount and send me an email with the details how would I be refunded.

    This is disgusting and unfortunate. I hope you improve in your processes and try to be transparent to the customer.

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