The 10+1 Quintessentials – A Roadtrip Guide

Are you itching to head out on a road trip, but don’t know how to go about it? Looking for a road trip travelogue with the vital pit-stops and the best tips to plan the perfect road trip? Here’s presenting an exclusive series called the “10+ 1 Quintessentials – A Road Trip Guide” to make your self-drive experience as smooth as possible.

What’s the plan: Murud Janjira

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This fort, which was the capital of the Siddhis during the 16th century, is one of those citadels that remains unconquered till date. Even after multiple tries, the Marathas or the Britishers or even the Portuguese weren’t able to triumph over this monument. Though you can’t conquer this fort, you can surely enjoy the pretty little beach town that surrounds it. Murud offers you an opportunity to take a dive into the ocean of tranquility along the Konkan coastline. The beach is lined with swinging betel palms, and lush coconut trees. For all those who are looking for a weekend destination where the beach is welcoming but not too commercial, this is your destination.

When to go:

The best time to visit Murud is from October to March. The temperature varies between 15 and 30 degree Celsius. One should definitely avoid this beach during the monsoon season as there would be no sightseeing or adventure sports to take part in.

What’s the route:

mumbai route

It’s located at about 165 km from Mumbai and the best route to take would be:


It is safe to assume that most part of this road would either be narrow or will have either buses or other vehicles speeding. However, the drive from Kashid to Mazgaon will be every road tripper’s dream come true. Not only is it a well maintained road, but it also along the coast, giving you a breathtaking view to look out for.

What to pack:

Since this place is along the coastline, make sure you carry sunscreen, swimwear, and light clothing. Also, pack some mosquito repellent and a light jacket for breezy evenings.

What to explore:


As this is a historical place, the must check out places are the palace of the Siddhi Nawabs, the Janjira Fort, and Janjira Caves. The other historical monuments to visit are the Ahmedganj Palace and the Kasa Fort, which is accessible only during winters. Now that you are done with heritage trail, head down to the beach and relax on the white sands of the Murud. Or, you could go for a splash in the pure waters of the Garambi Falls.


What not to miss:


The road trip may have it’s ups and down, but don’t forget to spend some quality time at Kashid beach. Not only is it a home of numerous adventure activities, it is also quite scenic leaving you refreshed. Another beach to check out would be Nandgaon.

Where to stay:

Murud offers a wide variety of places to stay which generally belong to the mid-rung or the budget price ranges. If you are looking for decent services, then try Mahua Bagh or Shoreline Resort or even Sand Piper resorts. The budget hotels such as Sea Shell resort, Dattakripa Lodging and Boarding etc. would be great if you want to have an economical outing. You could also try to check out some family run inns or home stays.

What to eat:

batata vada

For most part of the drive, it may be difficult to find decent options to eat at or even buy snacks. Hence it is recommended that you have packed a good variety of eats to munch on. Once you have reached Murud, you would find many shacks and restaurants serving the Konkan delicacies. Of all these places, the best fish is served at Hotel Patils. For the vegetarians, do not forget to try the delicious batata vadas here. On your way back, pick some coconut chikki from the Jai Hanuman Hotel and surprise your sweet tooth.

How much:

Between Rs. 3000 – Rs. 6000

Whom to tag along:


What’s the safety quotient:

The general boat trip to the Fort is mostly overloaded. Hence, it is suggested to pay a little extra and hire a private boat.


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